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The recent events have informed us so much about the development of this work.  This idea of navegation as a performance tool is crucial to our work. We devised this experiment in Friday,  in order to attain a degree of the potential of this type of work. We are now trying to figure out, which […]

Great session on Friday. Thank you all for engaging. We managed to develop a vocabulary relating to the draft pieces created by the composers and made a really good start at thinking about performatice strategies in SL. A game with two “guides” competing for directing an avatar through the world revealed a significant level of […]

Here’s a link to a promotional video of the work See you in Walhalla initiated by Johannes Birringer. An interesting use of real/virtual space on stage.

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Me and Sergio, have been thinking more things about this work… that connects communication, with virtual space, real space and extends it to an idea of several listening points, that work as a matrix, an evoluting real-time composition, that works based on the communication between the avatar performers and the avatar audience. We expand this […]

Hi, this is my first entry in sarc drama . I have been thinking about how to use the communication tools available in second life ( chating – voice, words ) to inform a system that emvolves performers, musicians and the second life audience. There are still a lot of questions pending… How to we […]

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Please check out I will be adding material to this blog for your information. I have written extensively on improvisation and would like to share those writing with you. Looking forward to the exchange. PO