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May, 1st 2009: Meeting in-world with Elaborate Afterthought and us [5:00]  Elaborate Afterthought is Online [5:00]  SARC Serpente: can you all go as high as possible? [5:01]  SARC Serpente: Hi Chris [5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: isto ta a morrer [5:01]  Peanut Bhalti: greetings! [5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: ja teve ai a maior festa [5:01]  Herachio Hindrabar: id […]

Hi everybody and thanks to Rui for making a start on the blog. Interesting ideas. I wanted to say well done everybody on Friday. I got a real sense of enthusiasm from all of you. So, I look forward to this project. Here is the SLUR to get some free clothes and other gear: […]