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Really sorry I couldn’t get to the SL meet-up. There was only one date/time offered and I was already committed then. But the log carried many good points and observations. It was in many ways quite a thorough review. Here are a few more points then to add from me: The M.A. students were already […]

My involvement since the beginning the project, was to try to devise, with the group strategies that could permit or allow, mixed reality performance, based on a sound, musical level and with the participation of an virtual audience. One of my first ideas, was to develop a modular system in SL life –  series of […]

This is us during our post-show talk Log of the Post-show chat: [4:56]  DjChongy Criss: bonjour! [4:57]  kristoff Adder: finally [4:58]  SARC Serpente: hi ya [4:58]  kristoff Adder: hi [4:58]  kristoff Adder: i had some problems [4:58]  SARC Serpente: just got myself some soup. [4:58]  kristoff Adder: with my graphic cards [4:58]  SARC Serpente: better […]

Epic Poem So Drama Kids and Tech Geeks were forced to co-exist, Who’d known that when we parted ways it’d be so sorely missed? The first day we embraced the task, and liked it – bar a few, The second day the noobs got purged and art could finally brew, The third day, when completion […]


This is to confirm I have no problem uploading. Here’s Pauline’s proposal for Friday which sounds great, and there seems enough here to be going on with. It’s along the lines I was thinking of, so will be happy to follow her lead. Chris. Here is something for the students to consider for Friday: > […]

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May, 1st 2009: Meeting in-world with Elaborate Afterthought and us [5:00]  Elaborate Afterthought is Online [5:00]  SARC Serpente: can you all go as high as possible? [5:01]  SARC Serpente: Hi Chris [5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: isto ta a morrer [5:01]  Peanut Bhalti: greetings! [5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: ja teve ai a maior festa [5:01]  Herachio Hindrabar: id […]