Post-Show meeting


This is us during our post-show talk


Log of the Post-show chat:

[4:56]  DjChongy Criss: bonjour!
[4:57]  kristoff Adder: finally
[4:58]  SARC Serpente: hi ya
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: hi
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: i had some problems
[4:58]  SARC Serpente: just got myself some soup.
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: with my graphic cards
[4:58]  SARC Serpente: better find a spoon.. hang on.
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: ok
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[4:59]  SARC Serpente: that’s better…
[4:59]  DjChongy Criss: i have a spoon
[4:59]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[4:59]  SARC Serpente: pauline just emailed she is up at 4am but has not internet or so
[4:59]  DjChongy Criss: not sure how much it can help though
[4:59]  DjChongy Criss: oh ok
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: and chris is moving theatre furniture
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: it seems it’s just us…
[5:00]  kristoff Adder: sergio
[5:00]  kristoff Adder: is coming too.
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: who put the map on the display?
[5:00]  DjChongy Criss: oh cool well let’s wait for sergio
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: great.
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: pedro is here … but only in my office
[5:00]  DjChongy Criss: As long as we log the whole chat then the others can add comments on the blog afterwards
[5:01]  kristoff Adder: seems like the right thing to do.
[5:01]  DjChongy Criss: oh hello, i recognise that leprechaun
[5:01]  kristoff Adder: hi barry
[5:01]  Barry Bohemian: Heya!
[5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: hey chongy
[5:01]  SARC Serpente: hi barry
[5:01]  Barry Bohemian: is this a HUD attached to me?
[5:01]  kristoff Adder: yep
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: have strat on the remix
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: ?
[5:02]  DjChongy Criss: LoL
[5:02]  Barry Bohemian: aaaah, good times
[5:02]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: chriss
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: hello!
[5:03]  SilverHaze Levee: did you got the sounds?
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: so, in terms of human attendance, who do we have here?
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: humyn?
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: ok. Sergio, John, Chris Chong, Franziska…
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: @silverhaze cheers pal i haven’t downloaded them yet but really appreciate you sending them!
[5:03]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:03]  Barry Bohemian: Rebecca
[5:03]  Barry Bohemian: the great
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: Yes, Rebecca… you all switched off your labels
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: i’m curious for about that
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: I will put mine back on
[5:04]  DjChongy Criss: me too
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: Rebeccae with the great poem!!!!!!!
[5:04]  kristoff Adder: great Rebecca!
[5:04]  Barry Bohemian: haha! what can I say, I’m a writer
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: i also sent the hud’s sounds
[5:04]  Barry Bohemian: I jest. thankyooou
[5:05]  DjChongy Criss: yeah i just want to say
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: Where are the HUDs? Can somebody attach one to me?
[5:05]  DjChongy Criss: rebecca i love you
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: what’s this now? love???
[5:05]  SilverHaze Levee: lol
[5:05]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaaa!
[5:05]  DjChongy Criss: haha, virtual love
[5:05]  kristoff Adder: yeah, it seems like it 🙂
[5:05]  Barry Bohemian: awesome, go team
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: so, the visiting artists are not here. they can’t make it
[5:06]  SARC Serpente: any post-show comments?
[5:06]  SARC Serpente: rebecca seemed to sum them up so nicely already!!!
[5:06]  kristoff Adder: @sarc serpente, how can we acess the” official photos” from the SL performance.
[5:06]  Barry Bohemian: Yeah! I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my views
[5:06]  SARC Serpente: did u all see the photos that Neil took? I sent the link and it’s on the blog
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: Some were really cool!
[5:07]  DjChongy Criss: yeah neil’s photos are great
[5:07]  SARC Serpente: Barry, did you feel the other Drama students liked the project as well?
[5:07]  DjChongy Criss: i have some low quality iPhone photos which i’ve put on flickr
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: I know Rosie and Shireen did
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: Rosie shared my after-show-blues
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: we decided to change pathways and become techies 😉
[5:07]  SARC Serpente: have you talked to David Grant?
[5:08]  Barry Bohemian: I have, he said it was really brave of us
[5:08]  SARC Serpente: Oh no… not techies.. I mean the MA students did a lot of composition… not all is TECH
[5:08]  DjChongy Criss: hehe
[5:08]  SARC Serpente: but ok. a lot of it was technical in this project..
[5:08]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah!!
[5:08]  SARC Serpente: i am glad we had chongy
[5:08]  Barry Bohemian: me too!
[5:08]  SilverHaze Levee: me too!
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: we all LOVE u chongy
[5:09]  DjChongy Criss: lol, well its just a shame the HUds piece and John’s proximity piece didn’t work out
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: Barry, what about other students who saw the project?
[5:09]  kristoff Adder: @chongy, yes it its
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: John will show some of his stuff again…
[5:09]  SilverHaze Levee: about the huds and john’s piece
[5:10]  SilverHaze Levee: we have to make a short video to present them
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: @ jon is running late, because there is a bomb scare
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: in town
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: where? bomb scare?
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: here?
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: in the city centre.
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: yep.
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: or here – in-world?
[5:10]  SilverHaze Levee: so, whrn it’s done we will try to share
[5:10]  Barry Bohemian: waow, i missed that
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: nah, belfast.
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: has anybody had a chance to look at the video from the show?
[5:10]  DjChongy Criss: oh dear!
[5:11]  Barry Bohemian: i didnt know there was one
[5:11]  kristoff Adder: @ franziska, we are working on the video
[5:11]  DjChongy Criss: yes, i’d like to see the video and any write-ups that you guys do
[5:11]  SARC Serpente: ah, that video.. is it useable?
[5:11]  kristoff Adder: yes.
[5:11]  kristoff Adder: for documentation purposes.
[5:11]  SARC Serpente: what will your final piece be? an edited video piece and the compositions?
[5:12]  SARC Serpente: Barry, how did you guys get marked on the project in the end?
[5:12]  DjChongy Criss: ok i’d like to propose a discussion topic
[5:12]  SARC Serpente: yes go ahead
[5:12]  kristoff Adder: @Franziska, write up, the video edit, huds and then the compositions.
[5:12]  SARC Serpente: sounds like loads..
[5:12]  DjChongy Criss: Perhaps beginning with Barry, what do you feel you gained from the project as an actor
[5:13]  Barry Bohemian: ah, me first, of course
[5:13]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:13]  Barry Bohemian: um
[5:13]  SARC Serpente: go on..
[5:13]  Barry Bohemian: ….ahahaha
[5:13]  SilverHaze Levee: all that hun?!
[5:14]  Barry Bohemian: Don’t trust the internet
[5:14]  Barry Bohemian: if anythings gonna let the perfomance down it’s the technology 😉
[5:14]  SilverHaze Levee: but as actor?!
[5:15]  DjChongy Criss: do you feel more comfortable with improvisation
[5:15]  Barry Bohemian: It reinforced my love for improvisation! everything on stage comes as a surprise
[5:15]  Barry Bohemian: i think thats important
[5:16]  Barry Bohemian: if not slightly unsettling…
[5:16]  SARC Serpente: but you also had a bit of a framework, don’t you think?
[5:16]  SARC Serpente: at least what one can call a framework in two days
[5:16]  Barry Bohemian: Definitly, it was all very clear
[5:17]  Barry Bohemian: but through not literally reshearsing the scenes, it was really nice and fresh
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: it actually seemed really rehearsed what you guys ended up doing
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: and that’s meant in a good way
[5:17]  Barry Bohemian: ah good! lol, I believe I over acted in my scene with Rosie, but nerves got a hold of me
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: how did you find the work with Chris. I mean working with a professional?
[5:18]  SARC Serpente: somebody wake up kristoff
[5:18]  SARC Serpente is Offline
[5:19]  Barry Bohemian: He, was so professional! I was a great opportunity and I was embarassed on behalf of the drama students the first day we all met
[5:19]  SilverHaze Levee: he went to leave the key studio
[5:19]  SilverHaze Levee: he’s baack!!
[5:19]  kristoff Adder: hei
[5:19]  SilverHaze Levee: we were working late last night!!
[5:19]  Barry Bohemian: Hey boy!
[5:19]  Barry Bohemian: green suits you
[5:19]  Flight Band: All Go
[5:19]  SARC Serpente is Online
[5:20]  SilverHaze Levee: he is uglieer without the mask
[5:20]  SARC Serpente: sorry got logged out…
[5:20]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:20]  SARC Serpente is Offline
[5:21]  SilverHaze Levee: please Ivah put the suit on again!!
[5:21]  DjChongy Criss: I am interested to know, how much did the majority of the drama students understand what the project was about before that first day
[5:21]  Barry Bohemian: Um, close to zero?
[5:21]  DjChongy Criss: haha! oh fantastic
[5:22]  SilverHaze Levee: the first day in the workshop?!
[5:22]  SilverHaze Levee: so that means that all that fridays before that were useless?
[5:22]  Flight Band: All Go
[5:22]  SARC Serpente is Online
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: again
[5:23]  DjChongy Criss: good question, so how helpful do we feel the preparation days were?
[5:23]  Barry Bohemian: ahaha! it was more, we understood performance, then we’d came to understand second life.. and had no idea how they would join as a performance
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: i got logged out..
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: can somebody log the chat
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: i lost all previous text from it…
[5:23]  Ihav Threebeards: i had no idea how they’d join in SL!
[5:23]  Ihav Threebeards: came together pretty well tho
[5:23]  Barry Bohemian: agreed
[5:24]  Barry Bohemian: Some of the drama students in the audience said they particularly enjoy the interaction between actor and avatar, like that was most peoples favortie bit
[5:25]  SARC Serpente: yes, that worked really well
[5:25]  kristoff Adder: yeah, i think that was nicelly explored.
[5:25]  SilverHaze Levee: did the guys that started doing the worshop and in the end disapear, saw the performance?
[5:25]  SARC Serpente: yes, i wonder
[5:25]  Barry Bohemian: None that I know of, but i didnt get to speak to a lot of people
[5:26]  SARC Serpente: aha you were drinking…
[5:26]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaa
[5:26]  Barry Bohemian: i was celebrating!
[5:26]  Barry Bohemian: something they didnt deserve to do
[5:26]  SilverHaze Levee: just wanted to know wht was the impression of someone who had the chance to do this and lost because it was… hun!… stupid?!
[5:27]  kristoff Adder: as for my evaluation, i would love to had more time to work with pauline, and to be a better balance btw the drama/music.
[5:27]  SilverHaze Levee: true!
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: yes, again what a chance to work with somebody like chris and pauline
[5:27]  Barry Bohemian: me too!
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: what do u mean better balance?
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: more of something?
[5:27]  kristoff Adder: well, the focus became the drama part.
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: the huds didnt work, nor jon stuff.
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: Yeah!
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: I think so too
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: music was just fillin in.
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: it became very separate
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: im ok with that, but i dont think that was the focus of the project.
[5:28]  SARC Serpente: music tends to fill that role often.. which is a shame…
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: we should have made it a full blown musical
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: .. next time…
[5:28]  SARC Serpente: I think that also has to do with the way dramaturgs/theatre people work
[5:29]  SilverHaze Levee: SL musical?! that would be funny for sure!!
[5:29]  Barry Bohemian: sign me up!
[5:29]  SARC Serpente: i.e. the predominance of the visual culture…
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, yes.
[5:29]  SilverHaze Levee: i think chris tried to something toghether the way he knew best
[5:29]  SARC Serpente: i guess chris knew he had to make a piece, and make something work in a short amount of time
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, but in the end it was a really good experience, and chris really put something together.
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: and sound was his friend to go along!!
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: but it my opinion it work pretty well!
[5:30]  SARC Serpente: it is always hard to bring people from different disciplines together, and on top we had 1st year and MA students… a very big gap there as well
[5:31]  DjChongy Criss: true
[5:31]  SARC Serpente: but i was impressed how the drama students and the MAs ended up working “together”
[5:31]  DjChongy Criss: is there any reason we asked only 1st year drama students?
[5:31]  Barry Bohemian: cause we’re the best
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:31]  DjChongy Criss: hehe, other than that of course
[5:31]  SilverHaze Levee: ehehe!!
[5:31]  SARC Serpente: just the way the module convenor offered me his students
[5:32]  SARC Serpente: it was open to anybody…
[5:32]  Ihav Threebeards: phew, don’t worry guys. i’m back.
[5:32]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol!! did you read that barry! you guys were on the market… and were cheap!!
[5:32]  Barry Bohemian: oh good, i was stressing
[5:32]  SARC Serpente: but we had to work with the students that could and wanted to make it work as part of their studies
[5:32]  kristoff Adder: actually i dont see any problem working with 1st years students.
[5:32]  SilverHaze Levee: me either!!
[5:32]  Barry Bohemian: me either
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: no. not a problem.. it can be sometimes … expectations differ widely
[5:33]  Ihav Threebeards: serg you loved it!
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: in the end, its how things work out, and how people focus.
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: so, are you all working on documenting the entire thing?
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: yep, we are.
[5:33]  DjChongy Criss: no, there’s no problem, but the ‘gap’ between an MA student and a 1st student differ in terms of aims objectives and expectations
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: and chris weeded out the bad ones… the only way to make this work
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: offcourse.
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: but its a part of a collective work.
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: what the f… is that?
[5:33]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: to get it harmonized.
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: the expectations.
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: and maybe that wasnt very clear for all of us.
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: but its a reflection that we can make.
[5:35]  kristoff Adder: ok, robot time.
[5:35]  DjChongy Criss: so perhaps the next thing to discuss..
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: ihav… where did you find that costume?
[5:35]  DjChongy Criss: is how did the MA Sarc students feel that working in ‘theatre’ has benefitted them
[5:35]  Ihav Threebeards: some freebie place
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: good question
[5:35]  DjChongy Criss: in terms of experience with live ‘electronics’ style work
[5:35]  Ihav Threebeards: twas great craic, any new experience is good exp
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: well, i have had some experience with performance art and dance before hand.
[5:36]  Revolver whispers: Press ‘M’ to enter mouslook and the mouse button to fire
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: don'[t fire that gun!!
[5:36]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah i done things like that before
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: i guess, its always about the balance between composer/sound designer.
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: can u actually kill people in SL?
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: and the drama guy.
[5:36]  Barry Bohemian: lets find out
[5:36]  Ihav Threebeards: i’m not sure
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: i think the greatest thing was actually thinking about sl life.
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: and mixed media strategies.
[5:37]  SilverHaze Levee: but working with someone like chris was for me the biggest thing in this project!!
[5:37]  DjChongy Criss: ok then, kristoff and and silverhaze, how did it compare to work you’ve done before?
[5:37]  SilverHaze Levee: (theatre speaking)!
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: well, i cant compare, in many ways.
[5:37]  SilverHaze Levee: this put me on a lot of pressure for 3 days
[5:38]  SilverHaze Levee: the works i done previously i had more time to do things
[5:38]  kristoff Adder: the relationship btw sound and drama were more shallow…but the nature of the project was different.
[5:38]  kristoff Adder: and it was three days.
[5:39]  kristoff Adder: again, the mixed reality strategies have great potential.
[5:39]  DjChongy Criss: for another project like this, do you feel more time would have helped?
[5:39]  Barry Bohemian: yes
[5:39]  SilverHaze Levee: although i done some kind of improv with dance that worked more or less the same way our SL experience did
[5:39]  kristoff Adder: certainly
[5:39]  Ihav Threebeards: neigh
[5:39]  SARC Serpente: i can’t believe that ZEBRA
[5:39]  Barry Bohemian: LOL
[5:40]  SilverHaze Levee: but during the performance we had more freedom to do things
[5:41]  SARC Serpente: anybody can make a great show if they have LOADS of time
[5:41]  DjChongy Criss: i am interested in this
[5:41]  DjChongy Criss: how much was scripted, and how much was improvised
[5:41]  DjChongy Criss: in terms of sound/music/dialogue
[5:41]  kristoff Adder: i guess, its not the time.
[5:41]  SilverHaze Levee: there was not a straight line
[5:41]  SARC Serpente: the point of this was to come up with something in a short amount of time.. of course.. a lot of pressure on few people!!
[5:41]  Ihav Threebeards: it was extrememly stressful that way, three days to do the whole thing
[5:41]  kristoff Adder: its the dialogue btw the different people.
[5:41]  Ihav Threebeards: i thought we’d have 20 mins of material back to back
[5:41]  Ihav Threebeards: it was more like 40
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: and pressure is good too! i guess
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: i agree it was very ambitious for this short amount of time
[5:42]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: why didn’t we had at least a week?!
[5:42]  DjChongy Criss: as an idea, i would have liked to try making less fully formed ideas
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: and spent more time working on..blagging techniques
[5:43]  Barry Bohemian: what do you mean?
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: like, if someone stops talking, then we fill in some music
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: if an avatar disappears off screen by accident, or to swap accounts
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: then we make up a new story
[5:43]  Barry Bohemian: ooh! i see
[5:43]  SARC Serpente: well, for a start we couldn’t afford to pay professionals for a week!! simple as that
[5:43]  Barry Bohemian: gosh that would have been exciting
[5:44]  kristoff Adder: thats interesting.
[5:44]  DjChongy Criss: maybe using the SL-building tools to build things on the fly
[5:44]  SilverHaze Levee: price is always a question!!
[5:44]  Barry Bohemian: cuuuuute!
[5:44]  DjChongy Criss: like this
[5:44]  SARC Serpente: i like the idea of building on the fly… but does it work with composition?
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: composition is not that immediate!!!! think about it..
[5:45]  SilverHaze Levee: that would be even more different performance
[5:45]  Ihav Threebeards: Hey!
[5:45]  SilverHaze Levee: i don’t think so
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: the MAs had precomposed a lot of material which I imagine took a long time???
[5:45]  SilverHaze Levee: or maybe i just don’t see how
[5:45]  DjChongy Criss: true, the performance struck me musically as more composed than improvised
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: it was
[5:46]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah!!
[5:46]  kristoff Adder: yeah, but we can some kind of visual feedback to inform sound, things being in dialogue, voice itself as a layer of sound.
[5:46]  SARC Serpente: how can you improvise a composition on the spot?
[5:46]  Ihav Threebeards: the huds and lasers would’ve been the real improvisation point
[5:46]  Ihav Threebeards: the live improv was good too tho
[5:47]  SARC Serpente: but the HUDs need preparation, right?
[5:47]  DjChongy Criss: @kristoff feedback is a good tool
[5:47]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, im the least informed person to talk about this.
[5:48]  SARC Serpente: about what?
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: but maybe its good not to have this weight of composition…all the time.
[5:48]  SARC Serpente: you worked on the HUDS and other stuff well before the 3 days
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: sound has a scenario
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: has a soundscape.
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: buidling somehow in relationship with SL life.
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: visually, or other type of mixed reality strategies.
[5:49]  SARC Serpente: I see.. in real time in secondlife… but can you hear? It’s reall quiet in here!!
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: and we are working on a pallete of existing sounds.
[5:49]  SARC Serpente: I can onyl hear the buzz of my laptop
[5:49]  Barry Bohemian: same
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: being the huds.
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: jons piece.
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: or real live.
[5:50]  kristoff Adder: we know hear the buzz of the computer or the wind.
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: i tried to get out of that by driving a max patch which in turn could use any sounds i had locally
[5:50]  kristoff Adder: but we can certainly built a top of that.
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: or generate/process it’s own sounds
[5:50]  SARC Serpente: all on the spot? Max in real-time?
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: this could replace the SL sounds or be streamed back in
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: yep in real time
[5:50]  DjChongy Criss: yes that sounds feasible
[5:51]  SARC Serpente: I missed the inherent SL sounds in the show.
[5:51]  Ihav Threebeards: CPU usage was at 70% running both SL and the patch on the same machine haha
[5:51]  SARC Serpente: I thought we would use much more of the inherent sonic properties
[5:51]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, me too 🙂
[5:51]  SARC Serpente: like at the end with the TP sound
[5:51]  SilverHaze Levee: i had the patch prepare to do so
[5:51]  kristoff Adder: we even made a patch, of SL life sounds.
[5:52]  SilverHaze Levee: but since it was improv and the times we had talked before
[5:52]  SARC Serpente: why did we not use it? not time?
[5:52]  kristoff Adder: it never came up.
[5:52]  SilverHaze Levee: when it came to the time i didn’t felt like using them
[5:52]  SARC Serpente: sounds like we actually have a nother SL piece lined up… with SL sounds to be triggered in real time
[5:52]  DjChongy Criss: that’s good improv hehe
[5:52]  SilverHaze Levee: i prefered, and sounded much better, manuela’s acordion
[5:52]  kristoff Adder: yeah, we should do it.
[5:52]  SARC Serpente: we just need some Drama improvisors…
[5:53]  SilverHaze Levee: chris had ask me to use sound when you play with manuela
[5:53]  SARC Serpente: could it work as a sound and SL visual piece?
[5:53]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:53]  kristoff Adder: we could think of some strategies.
[5:53]  SilverHaze Levee: but when it happen if i had anyhting i think it would ruined that moment
[5:53]  kristoff Adder: all of the sounds are connected to sl life actions.
[5:53]  SARC Serpente: @chongy: we are possibly doing a SL project with a real life performer in september… maybe we should use some of this stuff as well?
[5:53]  Ihav Threebeards: do we get some time to regrow the hair we lost from last friday first? 🙂
[5:54]  DjChongy Criss: HAHAHA
[5:54]  DjChongy Criss: i just had mine re-dyed
[5:54]  Barry Bohemian: love it
[5:54]  SARC Serpente: what about this?
[5:54]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:54]  SARC Serpente: i just changed mine
[5:55]  Ihav Threebeards: my horns are starting to show
[5:55]  DjChongy Criss: ok so one more thing i can think to discuss
[5:55]  kristoff Adder: shoot
[5:55]  DjChongy Criss: how much input did we all feel we had/needed
[5:55]  SilverHaze Levee: explain it better?!
[5:55]  SARC Serpente: yes, last question. my RL is calling
[5:55]  DjChongy Criss: for example, i felt the drama students had ideas but weren’t sure if they were allowed to suggest things
[5:56]  Barry Bohemian: As an actor I think I had zero input, until the actual show
[5:56]  Barry Bohemian: thats true
[5:56]  SARC Serpente: hmm.. did you have ideas that you wanted to propose but were too scared to?
[5:56]  Barry Bohemian: It didn’t seem like our place to put ideas forward
[5:56]  DjChongy Criss: that’s what i noticed
[5:56]  Ihav Threebeards: my input would’ve been a lot more had we not had a crisis before but generally i was involved in every part, from building to planning sound etc
[5:56]  SilverHaze Levee: well the ideas he had in the begging for this project
[5:57]  SilverHaze Levee: i think they were all left behing
[5:57]  SilverHaze Levee: behind!
[5:57]  SARC Serpente: who they? the drama students?
[5:57]  DjChongy Criss: well, we had the dream sequences
[5:57]  SilverHaze Levee: or transformed in something else.
[5:57]  kristoff Adder: but during the process, chris was very open to us, at least the ma students.
[5:57]  SARC Serpente: that was possibly unavoidable, seeing that the Drama students really only came onboard the last few days
[5:57]  DjChongy Criss: and that came into the drama, but perhaps it was too separate from the SL/RL interaction
[5:58]  Ihav Threebeards: yeah i think chris was very reasonable but in the end there just wasn’t the time to take big ideas
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: its natural, that some of the ideas, didnt go through.
[5:58]  Ihav Threebeards: he probably had to stick to his own agenda, and we were cutting it fine
[5:58]  SARC Serpente: true… we had to make basic things work and shame about the internet problems
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: Chris had to put something together.
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: shame about the internet probles.
[5:58]  Ihav Threebeards: chris is a consumate professional, he knew exactly what was going on
[5:58]  SARC Serpente: what about Pauline’s input? anybody want to say somehthing?
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: problems
[5:59]  Barry Bohemian: I never really interacted with Pauline
[5:59]  SilverHaze Levee: i think was also on chris will
[6:00]  SilverHaze Levee: she was one more like us in that performance!
[6:00]  Ihav Threebeards: i was upset that I didn’t get to work with her on my piece but generally i think she was very much on our level
[6:00]  kristoff Adder: i think she was a bit on the side, i guess it had to do with all the dynamic of putting this together.
[6:00]  kristoff Adder: and actually i would love to had worked more with her.
[6:01]  DjChongy Criss: i think what happened, is that pauline was thinking more about sound
[6:01]  SilverHaze Levee: i think for me as a composition person in this process
[6:01]  DjChongy Criss: and since there were already 4 people – the MA students coming up with new and crazy sound ideas lal the time
[6:01]  SilverHaze Levee: working more with pauline would been nice
[6:01]  DjChongy Criss: she enjoyed allowing us the freedom to just take our ideas wherever they went
[6:01]  SARC Serpente: yes, and again that shows the domineering factor of the visuals in general!!!
[6:02]  SilverHaze Levee: but again, it comes to put something toghether in 3 days so the acting part prevail!!
[6:02]  SARC Serpente: music can be so subordinate
[6:02]  Barry Bohemian: ….should have been a musical…
[6:02]  DjChongy Criss: haha!
[6:02]  WhiteBoard (n): Now showing Image 2/9 – 2. Slideshow Controls
[6:02]  kristoff Adder: i know, but i cant believe that pauline couldnt balanc that factor. i lacked someone from sound, talking with chris, and articulating this.
[6:03]  SARC Serpente: balance in what way? speak out more?
[6:03]  kristoff Adder: but again, maybe ure right chris. yep, speak out more.
[6:03]  kristoff Adder: but maybe she just decided to give us room.
[6:03]  Ihav Threebeards: that can be the way though, in collectives where time is pushed. the loudest or most enthusiastic gets their way
[6:04]  kristoff Adder: but u could give room and still give advice.
[6:04]  Ihav Threebeards: and when it comes to this, the drama people would always be the more animated!
[6:04]  Barry Bohemian: hey, its a gift
[6:04]  Ihav Threebeards: but pauline is quite, considerate, speaks little but articulates what she says
[6:04]  SARC Serpente: i have taken some snaps from our discussion here… can somebody mail me the first 20mins of the chat? I need to go but have the rest of the chat logged!!!
[6:04]  DjChongy Criss: indeed, i think if i were doing something like this again, i’d like to focus on using music in a…flexible way
[6:04]  DjChongy Criss: to react and adapt to what the actors are doing
[6:04]  DjChongy Criss: until the performance becomes more like a dialogue
[6:04]  kristoff Adder: me too chriss
[6:05]  DjChongy Criss: between actors/musicians, sl and rl
[6:05]  kristoff Adder: the focus is on dialogue.
[6:05]  SilverHaze Levee: true!!
[6:05]  SilverHaze Levee: i agree
[6:05]  SARC Serpente: DIALOGUE… will you guys keep chatting?
[6:05]  SARC Serpente: I am TP back into RL!!!
[6:05]  DjChongy Criss: lol
[6:05]  SARC Serpente: Ciao. thanks for coming. talk soon!!
[6:06]  Barry Bohemian: byeee
[6:06]  DjChongy Criss: cheers, speak soon!
[6:06]  Ihav Threebeards: cheerio!
[6:06]  SARC Serpente is Offline
[6:06]  SilverHaze Levee: bye!!
[6:06]  kristoff Adder: bye!!!
[6:06]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaha
[6:06]  DjChongy Criss: ok so maybe we should wrap things up here
[6:06]  kristoff Adder: yep
[6:06]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[6:06]  Ihav Threebeards: yeah
[6:06]  DjChongy Criss: think we’ve got a lot of useful material here
[6:06]  Barry Bohemian: my tea got cold.. 😦
[6:07]  DjChongy Criss: hahah
[6:07]  Ihav Threebeards: i need some Rockstar, Ruby is calling
[6:07]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[6:07]  SilverHaze Levee: if we had gave pauline more the possibilty to do sutff
[6:07]  DjChongy Criss: yes
[6:07]  Barry Bohemian: Sorry I wasn’t more useful, this ain’t my field
[6:07]  SilverHaze Levee: ththings were different
[6:07]  DjChongy Criss: haha, no you’ve been really valuable for your opinions
[6:07]  kristoff Adder: barry you were great 🙂
[6:07]  SilverHaze Levee: and that is it!!
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: yes, i think the general thing
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: that i’ve experienced, is that musicians need dedicated time
[6:08]  Ihav Threebeards: barry
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: on their own
[6:08]  Ihav Threebeards: ur right there chris
[6:08]  kristoff Adder: yep
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: to prepare improvisation strategies
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: (this can include writing code or just thinking up how to react to things)
[6:09]  SilverHaze Levee: maybe next time we can do music and fill in with drama!!
[6:09]  DjChongy Criss: and i think we could have asked pauline to help us more in this area
[6:09]  kristoff Adder: i think actually this should happen in the same process as drama.
[6:09]  DjChongy Criss: Haha , interesting idea!
[6:09]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah why not!?
[6:09]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[6:09]  DjChongy Criss: indeed kristoff, time focusing on how we are going to react to each other would make our time ‘together’ more productive
[6:10]  SilverHaze Levee: we had really good ideas when we started
[6:10]  kristoff Adder: and build a true dialogue. but we were also green in SL. ( at least me)
[6:10]  SilverHaze Levee: drama were supose to take audience to the next level of improv
[6:10]  kristoff Adder: and being SL the main thing.
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: it all flow to what could be done.
[6:11]  SilverHaze Levee: so in between music drama had still lots of space to work on!!
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: lets also be honest about it.
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: but it wasnt music/drama trad.
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: it had second life, mixed reality
[6:11]  DjChongy Criss: ok, so any final comments before we declare this meeting complete?
[6:12]  DjChongy Criss: i’m going to go dye my hair white in real life
[6:12]  Barry Bohemian: you owe me a cup of tea
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee: easy barry!
[6:12]  DjChongy Criss: lol
[6:12]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaa
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee: don’t get upset
[6:12]  Ihav Threebeards: barry
[6:12]  DjChongy Criss: barry i’ll buy you a drink
[6:12]  kristoff Adder: no, great talking to u guys.
[6:12]  Ihav Threebeards: any chance of cheap drinks in the bot?
[6:12]  Barry Bohemian accepted your inventory offer.
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee accepted your inventory offer.
[6:13]  Ihav Threebeards accepted your inventory offer.
[6:13]  Ihav Threebeards: haha touche
[6:13]  Barry Bohemian: opps
[6:13]  kristoff Adder accepted your inventory offer.
[6:13]  Barry Bohemian: i have a wine glass through my arm…
[6:13]  kristoff Adder: cheerio
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: my avatar has a problem with drinking
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: he can’t hold a glass straitgh
[6:14]  DjChongy Criss: haha
[6:14]  Ihav Threebeards: me too
[6:14]  DjChongy Criss: ok i’m gong to TP to RL
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: chris
[6:14]  Ihav Threebeards: me too
[6:14]  DjChongy Criss: good to see you guys again, even if only virtually
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: about the remix
[6:14]  Barry Bohemian: me too
[6:14]  Ihav Threebeards: anyone wanna log the chat?


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