Rebecca’s after-show-blues poem


Epic Poem

So Drama Kids and Tech Geeks were forced to co-exist,
Who’d known that when we parted ways it’d be so sorely missed?
The first day we embraced the task, and liked it – bar a few,
The second day the noobs got purged and art could finally brew,
The third day, when completion dawned, the Wi-Fi went kaput,
But Techies dived to save the day and improv was a hoot.

Chris, it was a pleasure, you worked that trilby hat,
I read The Improvisation Game – brownie points for that?
Pauline, you’re a Goddess, the Queen of meditation,
You made our absent ‘dream state’ an active destination,
Chris, I’ll miss your avatar and the zombie-pig debate,
Go see Charlie Brown*- before voodoo swine procreate!

Rui, I’ll miss that rant from the time we ate lunch as a group,
Thanks for educating me on Cream of Tomato soup,
John, it’s safe to say, you swear more than you can take breath,
Threebeards is way too slick, even though he caused Granny’s death,
Sergio, when I shiver, you strike fear within my heart,
I get traumatic flashbacks, like – stamp, stamp, stamp “GETSMART!”

Franziska, when you played the sax my jaw fell on the floor,
I’ll miss all your excitement for the virtual bag you wore,
Pedro, you’re so stealthy, I saw Serpente more than you,
I guess you love ol’ Second Life more than we all knew,
Shireen, my good friendo, “10 dolla!” for the cookie,
I still have seven fingers, ‘cause I’m a skater rookie.

Rosie, I’ll miss our improv, my status is… “AWAY!”,
Please make sure to call when you hit Zanzibar someday,
Barry will miss the spotlight, even though we dissed his boots,
Maybe I’ll keep logging – we can all stay in cahoots,
So no one now will understand when claps are cut off short,
Thank-you all for this mad act and technical support!

*the musical!


3 Responses to “Rebecca’s after-show-blues poem”

  1. 1 Jon


    Nice work Rebecca 🙂

  2. 2 ruichaves

    Thanks Rebecca for your poem.

    It was a great experience working with you guys, and you were great.

    This process was hard work, but also great fun 🙂

    Not all of us, are that geeky 🙂



  3. 3 Rosie

    What an epic poem….you talented little thing!!!!

    Loved this project – thanks for EVERYTHING 🙂 maybe we’ll all be reunited in real life someday…

    Rosie x

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