Chat Log


Group PhotoMay, 1st 2009:
Meeting in-world with Elaborate Afterthought and us

[5:00]  Elaborate Afterthought is Online
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: can you all go as high as possible?
[5:01]  SARC Serpente: Hi Chris
[5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: isto ta a morrer
[5:01]  Peanut Bhalti: greetings!
[5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: ja teve ai a maior festa
[5:01]  Herachio Hindrabar: id kill for a pint
[5:01]  Olav Greggan: o q ja aconteceu?!
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: com o pessoal aos saltos!!
[5:02]  Olav Greggan: estive a almoçar…
[5:02]  DjChongy Criss: And hopefully the QUB have given you my email address if you want to discuss exciting SL geek stuff
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: Herachio lead the way
[5:02]  Ihav Threebeards: maidin maith agat
[5:02]  Elaborate Afterthought: have just got here…..some confusion over times
[5:02]  Rosie Bloobury: you know i dont speak spansh…in english please
[5:02]  Herachio Hindrabar: hmmm bot or egg, choices choices
[5:02]  SARC Serpente: Welcome Elaborate
[5:02]  Samishortstuff Badger: its rude to talk in another language when we cant understand it 😛
[5:02]  Rosie Bloobury: thankyou! you’re welcome!!
[5:02]  Kaz Coleslaw: ferme la bouche
[5:02]  Conor Digfoot: bot
[5:02]  kristoff Adder: welcome elaborate
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: easy!!
[5:02]  Conor Digfoot: ????
[5:02]  Samishortstuff Badger: bot
[5:02]  Peanut Bhalti: welcome to our world of wonder, huzzah!
[5:03]  Conor Digfoot: yea
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: i need to run now franziska
[5:03]  Rosie Bloobury: thats ok
[5:03]  Conor Digfoot: any1 up fpr a drink???
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: or pedro, whoever’s in that beautiful dress there
[5:03]  SilverHaze Levee: they have lunch at this time?!
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: We tried to a couple of joint actions such as common gestures
[5:03]  Elaborate Afterthought: hi and bye then mr chris
[5:03]  Rosie Bloobury: hells yeaaaa
[5:03]  Samishortstuff Badger: yes im up for 2
[5:03]  Kaz Coleslaw: wats closer the age old q wat came first the bot or the egg
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: Bye chris see you next week
[5:03]  Rosie Bloobury: why not go to both
[5:03]  SilverHaze Levee: isto ‘e uma ganda fritura!!!
[5:03]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[5:03]  Herachio Hindrabar: im workin in the bot tonight tho
[5:03]  Olav Greggan: podes crer!
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: it was short but nice
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: speak soon
[5:03]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah I was just thinking about gestures and acting in unison – how’d it work out?
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: Elaborate do you want to address the group?
[5:03]  Conor Digfoot: get drunk
[5:04]  Kaz Coleslaw: je ne comprend pas
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: tenho q parar de falar
[5:04]  Kaz Coleslaw: yea baby
[5:04]  Herachio Hindrabar: i may do
[5:04]  Connected
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: Jon, can you give the gesture to Elaborate
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: alguem vai dar discurso!!!
[5:04]  Olav Greggan: ok
[5:04]  Olav Greggan: vamos ver
[5:04]  Ihav Threebeards: sure
[5:04]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah I’m happy to write some stuff and say hello
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: Let’s all sit down

[5:05]  Olav Greggan: se calhar vou bazar
[5:05]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol

[5:06]  Elaborate Afterthought: Hi there y’all, I’m Chris in the other life, going to be working on 2 Crowds. Just going to say some stuff about improvisations
[5:06]  Conor Digfoot: were we 4
[5:06]  Kaz Coleslaw: thanx for the correction
[5:06]  Conor Digfoot: np
[5:06]  Kaz Coleslaw: newer baby
[5:07]  McJohn Werefox shouts: i dont know
[5:07]  SARC Serpente: Do you want to use voice? Elaborate?
[5:07]  Conor Digfoot: ya
[5:07]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’ve been reflecting recently on how controlled and possibly repressed my family background was and how that might have contributed to an interest in improvisation
[5:08]  Elaborate Afterthought: What I enjoy exploring is the spontaneity of it and the (lack of ) authoritarian power structures. It seems that performance can help us to understand more about ourselves because we can break social rules there.
[5:09]  Elaborate Afterthought: As I said in email, I don’t have a voice yet..
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: how do you think improv conditions can be created in SL?

[5:11]  Elaborate Afterthought: In SL there seems to be operating a different set of relationships. Some similarities, some differences. In many – oops a question coming in.. Re improv conditions, it seems to be a different set of restrictions. These are pretty important int improvisation of any kind. There’s not the same spontaneity. SL seems like an old-fashioned masque where appearance and the hiding of self is very much the modus operandi. Whereas theatre works on tearing away the masks..
[5:11]  SARC Serpente: Like the mask idea
[5:11]  Elaborate Afterthought: Would ayone like to agree or contradict?
[5:12]  Kaz Coleslaw: I wud agree
[5:12]  Conor Digfoot: contridict
[5:12]  Herachio Hindrabar: agree and disagree
[5:12]  Kaz Coleslaw: or maybe contradict
[5:12]  Elaborate Afterthought: That’s good – we have a debate already!
[5:12]  Conor Digfoot: yea we do
[5:13]  Herachio Hindrabar: im right and will fight anyone who says im not lol
[5:13]  Conor Digfoot: i love debating
[5:13]  Conor Digfoot: noway ur nat rite
[5:13]  Herachio Hindrabar: pistols at dawn
[5:13]  SARC Serpente: Interesting how through avatars there is less responsibility for what one says
[5:13]  Conor Digfoot: bring it
[5:13]  Kaz Coleslaw: I think that sum types of theatre wud try 2 create illusions as well though
[5:13]  Herachio Hindrabar: it has been brought my friend
[5:13]  Peanut Bhalti: despite the fact that we’re all in the same room1
[5:13]  Peanut Bhalti: !
[5:14]  Ihav Threebeards: this is a pretty good example of what chris was saying!
[5:14]  Elaborate Afterthought: Another issue concerns emotion and empathy – very important for theatre. How can this function in SL? Not in the same way at all, I suspect. We can’t watch someone be changed by their emotions in the same way

[5:14]  SARC Serpente: Elaborate, do you want to suggest a joint action ?
[5:14]  Rosie Bloobury: i agree
[5:14]  Herachio Hindrabar: not real
[5:14]  Conor Digfoot: who actually is heracio hindrabar
[5:14]  Kaz Coleslaw: well the emotions seem to be uite shallow in this
[5:14]  Herachio Hindrabar: u will never know
[5:14]  Conor Digfoot: cuz conor is cuming da dig ya
[5:14]  Elaborate Afterthought: Maybe just travelling around the space to another part of the island would be good
[5:15]  Kaz Coleslaw: so it can never have the same emotive affect that theatre has
[5:15]  SARC Serpente: OK, we’ll follow you
[5:15]  Rosie Bloobury: mmmm

[5:15]  Elaborate Afterthought: I think I agre with KAz there.
[5:15]  Peanut Bhalti: well to an extent SL emulates most of the major emotions ie. happiness, sadness, surprise etc
[5:15]  Rosie Bloobury: mmhmm
[5:15]  Herachio Hindrabar: u can engage ur audience on a visual but nt emotional level
[5:15]  Conor Digfoot: OR ANGER PERHAPS
[5:15]  kristoff Adder: yeah, i quite like this idea of travelling, as performative tool. a path.
[5:15]  Kaz Coleslaw: exactly
[5:16]  Samishortstuff Badger: hes behind you
[5:16]  Conor Digfoot: dido we agree
[5:16]  Ihav Threebeards: you can still vocalise emotions via the voice chat, perhaps this places an emphasis on the voice to portray emotion
[5:16]  Conor Digfoot: we dont we contirdict
[5:16]  Herachio Hindrabar: touche
[5:16]  Peanut Bhalti: following the leader
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: we’re all behind you, Elaborate
[5:17]  Samishortstuff Badger: get up lazy!!!!!!!!!!!]
[5:17]  Herachio Hindrabar: refrshment stop?
[5:17]  Conor Digfoot: dnt b following nicola
[5:17]  Peanut Bhalti: to the outside world!
[5:18]  Kart 1.0: You aren’t the owner
[5:18]  Oeffentliches Radio: Tuning in…
[5:18]  Oeffentliches Radio: 80s,80s,80s,…
[5:18]  Oeffentliches Radio: Beruehre mich, um per Zufall andere Musik auszuwaehlen
[5:18]  Elaborate Afterthought: not sure, don’t know this place

[5:20]  Elaborate Afterthought: Seems to be a place of radios… where’s Free Noyse, does anyone know?
[5:20]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[5:21]  SilverHaze Levee: lol
[5:21]  SARC Serpente: Free Noize has not arraived
[5:21]  SARC Serpente: what about the typos… an interesting starting point for a piece?
[5:21]  Ihav Threebeards: Hey!
[5:21]  Elaborate Afterthought: Ok. I have some questions I’d like to ask members of the group
[5:21]  Herachio Hindrabar: tasty tunes
[5:21]  Conor Digfoot: .
[5:21]  SARC Serpente: ask what?
[5:21]  Peanut Bhalti: fire away!
[5:21]  Kaz Coleslaw: shoot
[5:21]  Samishortstuff Badger: shoot
[5:22]  Ihav Threebeards: /clap
[5:22]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’ll wrie several together and you can answer which you like
[5:22]  Kaz Coleslaw: ok
[5:22]  SARC Serpente: ok
[5:22]  Rosie Bloobury: lol
[5:22]  kristoff Adder: ok
[5:22]  Elaborate Afterthought: What interests you about SL as somewhere that has scope for creative expresssion?
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: the jagged nature of everything…
[5:23]  Elaborate Afterthought: How do you feel about meeting strangers here? Is that a real meeting would you say?
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: big social implications
[5:23]  Elaborate Afterthought: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen or done in SL so far?
[5:23]  Kaz Coleslaw: well you can do things in it that youy wouldn’t want to r be able to in real life
[5:23]  Rosie Bloobury: it gives an actor to explore things that cant be done on stage
[5:23]  Herachio Hindrabar: it isnt a real meeting it seems to be like s more visual form of msn or bebo
[5:23]  kristoff Adder: i think we can differentlly explore the creation of space or in building.
[5:23]  Kaz Coleslaw: you’re more liberated
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: i’d liked to juxtapose ideas of RL/SL ‘meeting’
[5:23]  Rosie Bloobury: flying and falling with style
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: as you said, how do we meet?
[5:23]  Peanut Bhalti: I think the fact that there arefew restrictions especially in a virtual world is interesting
[5:24]  kristoff Adder: i think we can work with the restrictions.
[5:24]  SARC Serpente: especially falling..
[5:24]  Ihav Threebeards: i think we need to use the ‘freedom’ of SL juxtaposed with the ability to portray emotion in RL
[5:24]  Herachio Hindrabar: we meet through socila interactions and hcan have a more intimate and expressive relationship with someone
[5:24]  Kaz Coleslaw: I like that idea
[5:24]  SARC Serpente: it would be great to highlight those ideas that are specific to SL (flying, not eating…)
[5:25]  Rosie Bloobury: like creating a specific image?
[5:25]  Herachio Hindrabar: we need a bit of lionel ritchie
[5:25]  SARC Serpente: i don’t always like meeting people in SL… it’s a bit scary at times…
[5:25]  Rosie Bloobury: could that show possible insecurities of an actor?
[5:26]  Elaborate Afterthought: This is a great dialogue,, I’m really liking the answers. The point about intimacy is fascintating, also the notion of feeling more ‘free’. Personally I feel a little shy when I don’t know what people really look like. That’s a major restricition but I can understand how it can be liberating
[5:26]  kristoff Adder: and we could with a specific set of movements regarding an object.
[5:26]  Kaz Coleslaw: totally
[5:26]  SARC Serpente: i agree with you elaborate, feeling shy and not knowing how you are engagin with
[5:26]  Rosie Bloobury: yup
[5:26]  SilverHaze Levee: you never know people in SL!! in a way people in SL are always performing!
[5:26]  Herachio Hindrabar: alot of the people you meet on sl you will never meet ie never go out/ have a pint with become real friends
[5:26]  Rosie Bloobury: bad times
[5:26]  SARC Serpente: the only good thing is that you can always TP away.. or set yourself as “away”
[5:26]  kristoff Adder: we could use this idea of meeting someone.
[5:26]  Kaz Coleslaw: yeah exactly it’s always goibng to be quite shallow then
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: I like that, being “away” but still looking in… (sneaky!!!)
[5:27]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’ve heard and seen some quite aggressive posturing in SL – the fact that people dont have to ‘take responsibility’ for themselves as they do in life is a little worryintg..
[5:27]  Herachio Hindrabar: i understand the premise but dont know how some people could spend hours on this talking to speech boxes instead of real friends/family
[5:27]  Samishortstuff Badger: the whole thing about seconmd life is performance, people act their way through second life. it gives them the ability to bring out parts of a personality they wouldn’t necessarily show in real life
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: we’ve been discussing the idea of “transfer” between SL and RL for the performance and use the idea of RL Avatars for example
[5:28]  Peanut Bhalti: yeah, I think there needs to be a line between SL and RL
[5:28]  Herachio Hindrabar: even tom jones would be nice
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: this idea of transfer between sl and rl, even for the music performance.
[5:28]  SARC Serpente: How do you think the link can be made?
[5:28]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah!
[5:28]  Peanut Bhalti: the attachment people develope with virtual worlds is both fascinating and scary
[5:28]  Elaborate Afterthought: There are many ideas floating around for the performance and many sound great. key question is who or what triggers things and who or what ressponds
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: we have been thinking about obviously sound, and some visual cues in second life, tor inform the performance.
[5:29]  Kaz Coleslaw: could you emphasize the differences between sl and rl and the similarities?
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: me and jon and sergio
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: have been thinking about the idea of a path.
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: of exploring a building.
[5:29]  Kaz Coleslaw: show that in some ways you are more free and in some ways more restricted
[5:29]  Elaborate Afterthought: Visual and sound cues in SL with RL actors responding sounds good to me, I can see that working
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: not just the actors the musicians too!
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: offcourse
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: respond to sound from SL
[5:30]  Peanut Bhalti: yes, it could also work the opposite way
[5:30]  Herachio Hindrabar: im up for any idea, initially i did not see the significance or how this cold be achieved
[5:30]  SARC Serpente: A key question is what kind of elements/materials work both in SL and RL
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: its between the two worlds.
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: informing each other sonically
[5:30]  SARC Serpente: Does it make sense to have the same “gesture” enacted in SL and RL simultaneously for example?
[5:31]  Ihav Threebeards: we talked about things that could bridge teh SL/RL gap
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: to create this idea of a simultaneous event.
[5:31]  Ihav Threebeards: such as a gesture acted in RL or an object brought between the two worlds
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: maybe there isnt a “network” all the time.
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: there should be different levels of communication during the performance.
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: between the two worlds.
[5:33]  Peanut Bhalti: how does one bring that into effect though?
[5:33]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’m hoping members of the group might write up some of their thoughts for the blog – with eveyrne chatting together it’s a little hard to separate the threads..
[5:33]  Ihav Threebeards: yep
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: sure.
[5:33]  SilverHaze Levee: agree
[5:33]  Ihav Threebeards: i’ll try and get the comments fixed after this too
[5:33]  Peanut Bhalti: righto
[5:33]  Kaz Coleslaw: would probably be better and more contructive
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: we can log the text chat
[5:34]  SARC Serpente: i think there are some nice ideas.. in this chat
[5:34]  Herachio Hindrabar: a simple movement piece could be constructed with the actors performing it in rl and afterwards this could be done in sl and comparissons/ differences could be made
[5:34]  Ihav Threebeards: that’s a good point, if everyone realises we’re logging the chat it might clean it up a bit!
[5:34]  SARC Serpente: it was always going to be a test to see how a meeting in SL would work, esp. before having met in RL
[5:34]  Elaborate Afterthought: That would be useful, I didn’t know you could do that. I also need to take a photo to impress my friends in RL who know nothing of SL
[5:34]  Herachio Hindrabar: an audience could tell us which they preffered and why
[5:34]  Rosie Bloobury: what about voice….a performance of voice in rl contrasted with one in sl
[5:34]  SARC Serpente: we took a group photo of us dancing
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: do u want to go back to our land and take a photo there?
[5:35]  Ihav Threebeards: we looked at creating a dialogue between RL and SL, we could revisit this
[5:35]  Elaborate Afterthought: it’s ok I just did it
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: we DEFINITELT need to explore the dialogue idea
[5:35]  Peanut Bhalti: then we could note the similaritues and differences of perfmoring in RL and then in SL
[5:35]  Rosie Bloobury: yup
[5:35]  SARC Serpente whispers: flue
[5:35]  SilverHaze Levee: i think the dialogue kind gets lost
[5:35]  Elaborate Afterthought: I think that idea of Peanut’s is a good one
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: what do u mean by perfoming in SL? do u mean the dancing?
[5:36]  SilverHaze Levee: if many people are trying to say something. as you try to anwser to someone
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: or just being in SL IS a performance?
[5:36]  SilverHaze Levee: there are already new ideas in discussion!
[5:36]  Elaborate Afterthought: ie mark out the similarilities and also differences – good to share understandings around that kind of stuff before jumping to decisions about what the performance should be
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: i think we can also explore the scale of vision of an avatar in SL to RL. and how this vision informs a RL performance. Simple Movements.
[5:37]  Peanut Bhalti: yeah
[5:37]  Herachio Hindrabar: would we be creating our own landscape for the performance, if so his does not hinder us at all
[5:37]  Ihav Threebeards: the visual aspect of many avatars interacting with an environment to influence the sound performance really becomes a performance in itself
[5:37]  SARC Serpente: vision is interesting – esp in terms of camera views.. what u see and from where
[5:37]  Kaz Coleslaw: yeah the similarities and differences – we would need to know what they actually are before just jumping into the performance sid eof thigns
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: offcourse
[5:37]  Peanut Bhalti: also I think as someone mentioned before the different impacts of RL vs SL on the audience
[5:37]  Elaborate Afterthought: Can I suggest people post ideas for exercises or tasks for next week in advance then when we meet we have a kind of taks list, things to try?
[5:37]  Rosie Bloobury: that was us!:)
[5:38]  Peanut Bhalti: sounds good
[5:38]  kristoff Adder: sure.
[5:38]  Herachio Hindrabar: yea, the impacts could be viewed at the end with maybe open questions
[5:38]  Rosie Bloobury: the impact of a piece on an audience between rl and sl
[5:38]  SARC Serpente: Yes, Elaborate. That’s a good idea. Let’s post on the blog
[5:38]  SARC Serpente: let’s all head back to our land – take a photo and say goodbye!!??
[5:38]  Rosie Bloobury: yea!
[5:38]  Ihav Threebeards: ok
[5:38]  Kaz Coleslaw: yep
[5:38]  Elaborate Afterthought: Sure
[5:38]  Samishortstuff Badger: sweeet
[5:39]  SARC Serpente: i am back atthe land
[5:39]  SARC Serpente: anyone need a TP?
[5:40]  Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[5:40]  SilverHaze Levee: the idea of avatars keep falling is great!!
[5:40]  SARC Serpente: who would like to show a good fall?
[5:40]  SARC Serpente: check this one out
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: not so good sorry
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: and choose movemnt controls
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: phot time
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: photo that is
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: where is ur hair peanut?
[5:43]  Peanut Bhalti: I got tired of it, so I’m sporting the clean cut look
[5:44]  Herachio Hindrabar: is it just me or does anyone find ealmonn holmes ridiculously attractive?
[5:44]  SilverHaze Levee: lol
[5:44]  SARC Serpente: elaboratre, r u happy ? shall we let u go?
[5:44]  Basic Chair: Right click me and choose ‘Sit Here’ to sit down
[5:44]  SARC Serpente: i took a phot. did u?
[5:44]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah, I’m happy. am well impressed
[5:44]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah, took pick
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: so we agree to post actions on th eblog for next week
[5:45]  Herachio Hindrabar: what he wold needs now….
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: Everybody happy with this?
[5:45]  Herachio Hindrabar: is love sweet love
[5:45]  Kaz Coleslaw: oui
[5:45]  Peanut Bhalti: yes!
[5:45]  Elaborate Afterthought: See you all next week I hope – and hopefully we’ll have a kind of agenda of stuff to try out…looking forward to it x


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