About the performance


Today, during our weekly meeting, we’ve discuss ways of organizing the Sarc land in SL as well as the performance in real life.

One idea is to have vertical levels, trough which avatars can move freely and interact with objects that have a particular sound .

however,  where the avatar controlled by us is, is the only level where the sound of the real life performance would be heard. the actions and consequent sounds of audience avatars in this level are feedback to the real life performance and this is being feedback to SL.  

A simpler idea is to have a couple of avatars controlled by us, performing gestures, moving objects or moving trough to the sarc land.

their actions would have a sound interaction with the real life, in the same way as the example above.

in this away there would be two audiences, the SL and the real life one with no real interaction in the performance itself but both have the understanding of the interaction between the two worlds.

The performance in real life has a define structure that will however, use the sounds from SL as cues for particular events.  we think this could bring more possibilities in designing interactions between SL and real life since less objects or actions would be giving information to real life performance, taking out the random part of it, the SL audience interaction.


One Response to “About the performance”

  1. 1 hardjumper

    Thanks for this. The ideas in the final paragraph in particular sound well worth pursuing. I’m unclear who the author is…

    Chris J.

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