Office – 4’13’’

Office is a work composed for the project Improvisation for Two Crowds. A project developed by SARC students for the Composition module and Drama students from Queens University, Belfast, for an interactive performance between Second Life environment and “First Life”.

The composition began with the recording of some instruments sounds even before a concrete idea for the piece and for the entire project was defined. With the participation of Pedro Rebelo, module supervisor, and Manuela, a Ma student in Composition, we recorded different instruments; such as an accordion, chimes, flute, kalimba, guiro, shakers and some objects; such as a typewriter. A second recording session took place in the Harty Room, at the School of Music, where percussive instruments; such as djambe, cymbals, xylophone, among others, still stood as first choice. Different approaches on how to play these instruments were taken and not just the traditional way of playing them, thus giving us a larger palette of sounds from these simple instruments.

Since many of the instruments recorded were of a percussive nature, or used as such, using the typewriter rhythm patterns along with the kalimba and guiro, the concept for this piece began to be more present through time.

The name of this project gave the form for the piece, Office began to take the form of an improvisation between instruments and typewriter layered on a background environment, created with transformed sounds from the same instruments and also the chimes and flute.

Office finds it’s name on the motion through the piece. More quiet and simple moments against more agitated moments given by the fast attacks of the guiro and the typewriter, resembling a real office space where different moments are filled with typewriters and computer keyboards sounds that go quieter in a less work period.

Mp3 : Office

Sergio Gregorio


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