More Ideas


Me and Sergio, have been thinking more things about this work… that connects communication, with virtual space, real space and extends it to an idea of several listening points, that work as a matrix, an evoluting real-time composition, that works based on the communication between the avatar performers and the avatar audience.

We expand this idea of communication, to something that creates games, ideas about the space, ambiguity, that gives hints on the different setups existing in the space.

We called these setups, listening points. We have no structure for them now. Our concept is simply to layer our compositions into different audio events connected to these different points, that are triggered by a presence of a person. Imagine a matrix of  these different points, with different audio events. The number of audio events trigerred changes, according to the interaction or the number of people in the points. We can think of this of being  modular.

The resulting sound from this modular installation feeds directlly to our improvisation.

In real-time we see the projection of these “gestures” –  the movements of the avatars exploring the space and relating with the performers.


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