Really sorry I couldn’t get to the SL meet-up. There was only one date/time offered and I was already committed then. But the log carried many good points and observations. It was in many ways quite a thorough review. Here are a few more points then to add from me:

The M.A. students were already working at a professional level within their area of expertise and continued to do so throughout the project. The Drama students were a very different group; several had not yet acquired any notion of what it is to work in a professional environment. A few however were ready to meet that challenge and they rose to the demands of the project; without them, we couldn’t have carried it off. Those few really deserve a bonus come Christmas time.

The Drama Department should, in my view, have linked to the project more directly, perhaps by having a member of staff who knew the individual students, maintaining contact with us as a team. This wouldn’t have involved anyone being present necessarily, it would just mean someone taking an interest and assisting with student attendance issues.

It was a great project to be part of and broadly speaking, we met our primary objectives, I think, thanks to the inventiveness and commitment of the core team. However, clearly the scope of the project was compromised a little by certain factors. The two primary factors were the issue of moving from space to space during the preparation, and then the tech breakdown on the performance day. As for the former, this affected things in a way I didn’t anticipate. There’s an example in the scene where the group of RL performers ‘taunt’ and ‘bully’ Barry in SL. The relationship between stage and screen was quite different in the two spaces. This substantially affected the nature of the dialogues improvised. What worked in one space didn’t quite work in the other, and vice versa.

The tech problems obviously meant we lost not just prep time on day three but also two key scenes in the show. Everyone did their best to solve the problems. Luckily we could still perform the majority of the show. It probably follows that in future shows, there needs be a technician on site ready to strategise around any problems such as loss of wireless connection.

The time constraints meant that we could, in a way, take more risks. There simply wasn’t time to try out lots of ideas and make selections. More or less every idea that was proposed and I heard, we included in the show (except possibly one idea where the RL performers had to dance..!). There may have been other ideas that weren’t presented to me or were just too rough in outline, that didn’t get acted on. I think that taking whatever we could from what was happening, leant variety to the final performance although the loss of two scenes with a very strong music/sonic emphasis changed the overall balance a little.

For me it was great to work with Pauline as she brought an artistic sensibility developed over years of work, and I believe she was happy with the collaboration. Chris Chong and the M.A. students did a terrific job, not just technically but in terms of inventiveness and creative input. Franziska and colleagues really held the project together.

It was good to receive the photos although I was disappointed not to see more pictures where RL is juxtaposed with SL. However, I’m told there’s more coming..

Rebecca’s poem was completely unexpected and a real treat.

It was great to work with everyone, a privilege in fact, and I look forward to something else similar but different..



My involvement since the beginning the project, was to try to devise, with the group strategies that could permit or allow, mixed reality performance, based on a sound, musical level and with the participation of an virtual audience.

One of my first ideas, was to develop a modular system in SL life –  series of listening points ( sculptures / sites) that were triggered by the presence of an avatar. Each listening point, had a layer of the compositions previous made for this work.
This way an informal network of people constituted a different soundscape, as people would shift around these listening points. The reason to move from one point to another was based on the interaction between avatar performer and avatar audience. The avatar performer was informed previous, by the composition and modular possibilites of the work, devising strategies, that created different moments. This changing soundscape, works as drone, a layer of sound, to which the musicians could improvise. This way, the virtual audience, was also part of the creation.

The visual patterns created by this movement, could serve as cues, or scores for real life musicians to work with, or each object could have been assigned to a musician or a performer.

The interaction conceived by me, reflects some of this issues. It had a very simple approach to it, it was made out of a HUD and a receiver, that was represented by a wall. Each sound had a specific color : yellow, magenta, cyan, green, grey, white, black, red, blue. We organized three sets of huds, each one with a different set of sounds and receiver, it was important for the performance to have very distinct sounds, as each performer was connecting to a specific sound from the HUD. In the end my HUD piece, would consist of a sound improvisation, as each performer would trigger different sounds, these sound would interact the real life performers. This will also result in a visual composition, as the three receivers (walls) were lined up together. To each sound triggered there was also an movement associated, that the avatar would perform.

I think one of the main potentials of SL relies, on the creation, of interfaces that allow mixed reality strategies, and in world, real world performance.

Regarding music/sound, I designed a simple max patch, that allowed a user to trigger with the computer keyboard, the sound effects from Second Life: teleport sounds, bumps, etc…

Finally, I designed a improvisation scheme that constitute one of the parts, that solely happen on RL.
It consisted of a series of words/expressions handed out and to be freely interpreted by the musicians: wind, first kiss, sunset, voyage….

These instructions would be taken by random by members of the audience, out of a hat, and then given to me.
There was need during this process to perfect the type of instructions to be given to the musicians, and to actually focus on non-musical vocabulary, and instead go for words or expressions that were more visual and striking. So, my role in this was to distribute some this, to each musician, managing the movement and mood of the piece.

Much could be said, to describe the relationship between music and drama, and the tensions that arise during the creative process, but there is a possibility  to develop an overarching view of the different sensibilities that came together – Music, Drama, Mixed Reality Strategies, and since the beginning this was our main motivation.

This is us during our post-show talk


Log of the Post-show chat:

[4:56]  DjChongy Criss: bonjour!
[4:57]  kristoff Adder: finally
[4:58]  SARC Serpente: hi ya
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: hi
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: i had some problems
[4:58]  SARC Serpente: just got myself some soup.
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: with my graphic cards
[4:58]  SARC Serpente: better find a spoon.. hang on.
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: ok
[4:58]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[4:59]  SARC Serpente: that’s better…
[4:59]  DjChongy Criss: i have a spoon
[4:59]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[4:59]  SARC Serpente: pauline just emailed she is up at 4am but has not internet or so
[4:59]  DjChongy Criss: not sure how much it can help though
[4:59]  DjChongy Criss: oh ok
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: and chris is moving theatre furniture
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: it seems it’s just us…
[5:00]  kristoff Adder: sergio
[5:00]  kristoff Adder: is coming too.
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: who put the map on the display?
[5:00]  DjChongy Criss: oh cool well let’s wait for sergio
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: great.
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: pedro is here … but only in my office
[5:00]  DjChongy Criss: As long as we log the whole chat then the others can add comments on the blog afterwards
[5:01]  kristoff Adder: seems like the right thing to do.
[5:01]  DjChongy Criss: oh hello, i recognise that leprechaun
[5:01]  kristoff Adder: hi barry
[5:01]  Barry Bohemian: Heya!
[5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: hey chongy
[5:01]  SARC Serpente: hi barry
[5:01]  Barry Bohemian: is this a HUD attached to me?
[5:01]  kristoff Adder: yep
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: have strat on the remix
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: ?
[5:02]  DjChongy Criss: LoL
[5:02]  Barry Bohemian: aaaah, good times
[5:02]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: chriss
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: hello!
[5:03]  SilverHaze Levee: did you got the sounds?
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: so, in terms of human attendance, who do we have here?
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: humyn?
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: ok. Sergio, John, Chris Chong, Franziska…
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: @silverhaze cheers pal i haven’t downloaded them yet but really appreciate you sending them!
[5:03]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:03]  Barry Bohemian: Rebecca
[5:03]  Barry Bohemian: the great
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: Yes, Rebecca… you all switched off your labels
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: i’m curious for about that
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: I will put mine back on
[5:04]  DjChongy Criss: me too
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: Rebeccae with the great poem!!!!!!!
[5:04]  kristoff Adder: great Rebecca!
[5:04]  Barry Bohemian: haha! what can I say, I’m a writer
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: i also sent the hud’s sounds
[5:04]  Barry Bohemian: I jest. thankyooou
[5:05]  DjChongy Criss: yeah i just want to say
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: Where are the HUDs? Can somebody attach one to me?
[5:05]  DjChongy Criss: rebecca i love you
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: what’s this now? love???
[5:05]  SilverHaze Levee: lol
[5:05]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaaa!
[5:05]  DjChongy Criss: haha, virtual love
[5:05]  kristoff Adder: yeah, it seems like it 🙂
[5:05]  Barry Bohemian: awesome, go team
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: so, the visiting artists are not here. they can’t make it
[5:06]  SARC Serpente: any post-show comments?
[5:06]  SARC Serpente: rebecca seemed to sum them up so nicely already!!!
[5:06]  kristoff Adder: @sarc serpente, how can we acess the” official photos” from the SL performance.
[5:06]  Barry Bohemian: Yeah! I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my views
[5:06]  SARC Serpente: did u all see the photos that Neil took? I sent the link and it’s on the blog
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: Some were really cool!
[5:07]  DjChongy Criss: yeah neil’s photos are great
[5:07]  SARC Serpente: Barry, did you feel the other Drama students liked the project as well?
[5:07]  DjChongy Criss: i have some low quality iPhone photos which i’ve put on flickr
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: I know Rosie and Shireen did
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: Rosie shared my after-show-blues
[5:07]  Barry Bohemian: we decided to change pathways and become techies 😉
[5:07]  SARC Serpente: have you talked to David Grant?
[5:08]  Barry Bohemian: I have, he said it was really brave of us
[5:08]  SARC Serpente: Oh no… not techies.. I mean the MA students did a lot of composition… not all is TECH
[5:08]  DjChongy Criss: hehe
[5:08]  SARC Serpente: but ok. a lot of it was technical in this project..
[5:08]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah!!
[5:08]  SARC Serpente: i am glad we had chongy
[5:08]  Barry Bohemian: me too!
[5:08]  SilverHaze Levee: me too!
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: we all LOVE u chongy
[5:09]  DjChongy Criss: lol, well its just a shame the HUds piece and John’s proximity piece didn’t work out
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: Barry, what about other students who saw the project?
[5:09]  kristoff Adder: @chongy, yes it its
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: John will show some of his stuff again…
[5:09]  SilverHaze Levee: about the huds and john’s piece
[5:10]  SilverHaze Levee: we have to make a short video to present them
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: @ jon is running late, because there is a bomb scare
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: in town
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: where? bomb scare?
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: here?
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: in the city centre.
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: yep.
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: or here – in-world?
[5:10]  SilverHaze Levee: so, whrn it’s done we will try to share
[5:10]  Barry Bohemian: waow, i missed that
[5:10]  kristoff Adder: nah, belfast.
[5:10]  SARC Serpente: has anybody had a chance to look at the video from the show?
[5:10]  DjChongy Criss: oh dear!
[5:11]  Barry Bohemian: i didnt know there was one
[5:11]  kristoff Adder: @ franziska, we are working on the video
[5:11]  DjChongy Criss: yes, i’d like to see the video and any write-ups that you guys do
[5:11]  SARC Serpente: ah, that video.. is it useable?
[5:11]  kristoff Adder: yes.
[5:11]  kristoff Adder: for documentation purposes.
[5:11]  SARC Serpente: what will your final piece be? an edited video piece and the compositions?
[5:12]  SARC Serpente: Barry, how did you guys get marked on the project in the end?
[5:12]  DjChongy Criss: ok i’d like to propose a discussion topic
[5:12]  SARC Serpente: yes go ahead
[5:12]  kristoff Adder: @Franziska, write up, the video edit, huds and then the compositions.
[5:12]  SARC Serpente: sounds like loads..
[5:12]  DjChongy Criss: Perhaps beginning with Barry, what do you feel you gained from the project as an actor
[5:13]  Barry Bohemian: ah, me first, of course
[5:13]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:13]  Barry Bohemian: um
[5:13]  SARC Serpente: go on..
[5:13]  Barry Bohemian: ….ahahaha
[5:13]  SilverHaze Levee: all that hun?!
[5:14]  Barry Bohemian: Don’t trust the internet
[5:14]  Barry Bohemian: if anythings gonna let the perfomance down it’s the technology 😉
[5:14]  SilverHaze Levee: but as actor?!
[5:15]  DjChongy Criss: do you feel more comfortable with improvisation
[5:15]  Barry Bohemian: It reinforced my love for improvisation! everything on stage comes as a surprise
[5:15]  Barry Bohemian: i think thats important
[5:16]  Barry Bohemian: if not slightly unsettling…
[5:16]  SARC Serpente: but you also had a bit of a framework, don’t you think?
[5:16]  SARC Serpente: at least what one can call a framework in two days
[5:16]  Barry Bohemian: Definitly, it was all very clear
[5:17]  Barry Bohemian: but through not literally reshearsing the scenes, it was really nice and fresh
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: it actually seemed really rehearsed what you guys ended up doing
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: and that’s meant in a good way
[5:17]  Barry Bohemian: ah good! lol, I believe I over acted in my scene with Rosie, but nerves got a hold of me
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: how did you find the work with Chris. I mean working with a professional?
[5:18]  SARC Serpente: somebody wake up kristoff
[5:18]  SARC Serpente is Offline
[5:19]  Barry Bohemian: He, was so professional! I was a great opportunity and I was embarassed on behalf of the drama students the first day we all met
[5:19]  SilverHaze Levee: he went to leave the key studio
[5:19]  SilverHaze Levee: he’s baack!!
[5:19]  kristoff Adder: hei
[5:19]  SilverHaze Levee: we were working late last night!!
[5:19]  Barry Bohemian: Hey boy!
[5:19]  Barry Bohemian: green suits you
[5:19]  Flight Band: All Go
[5:19]  SARC Serpente is Online
[5:20]  SilverHaze Levee: he is uglieer without the mask
[5:20]  SARC Serpente: sorry got logged out…
[5:20]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:20]  SARC Serpente is Offline
[5:21]  SilverHaze Levee: please Ivah put the suit on again!!
[5:21]  DjChongy Criss: I am interested to know, how much did the majority of the drama students understand what the project was about before that first day
[5:21]  Barry Bohemian: Um, close to zero?
[5:21]  DjChongy Criss: haha! oh fantastic
[5:22]  SilverHaze Levee: the first day in the workshop?!
[5:22]  SilverHaze Levee: so that means that all that fridays before that were useless?
[5:22]  Flight Band: All Go
[5:22]  SARC Serpente is Online
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: again
[5:23]  DjChongy Criss: good question, so how helpful do we feel the preparation days were?
[5:23]  Barry Bohemian: ahaha! it was more, we understood performance, then we’d came to understand second life.. and had no idea how they would join as a performance
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: i got logged out..
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: can somebody log the chat
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: i lost all previous text from it…
[5:23]  Ihav Threebeards: i had no idea how they’d join in SL!
[5:23]  Ihav Threebeards: came together pretty well tho
[5:23]  Barry Bohemian: agreed
[5:24]  Barry Bohemian: Some of the drama students in the audience said they particularly enjoy the interaction between actor and avatar, like that was most peoples favortie bit
[5:25]  SARC Serpente: yes, that worked really well
[5:25]  kristoff Adder: yeah, i think that was nicelly explored.
[5:25]  SilverHaze Levee: did the guys that started doing the worshop and in the end disapear, saw the performance?
[5:25]  SARC Serpente: yes, i wonder
[5:25]  Barry Bohemian: None that I know of, but i didnt get to speak to a lot of people
[5:26]  SARC Serpente: aha you were drinking…
[5:26]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaa
[5:26]  Barry Bohemian: i was celebrating!
[5:26]  Barry Bohemian: something they didnt deserve to do
[5:26]  SilverHaze Levee: just wanted to know wht was the impression of someone who had the chance to do this and lost because it was… hun!… stupid?!
[5:27]  kristoff Adder: as for my evaluation, i would love to had more time to work with pauline, and to be a better balance btw the drama/music.
[5:27]  SilverHaze Levee: true!
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: yes, again what a chance to work with somebody like chris and pauline
[5:27]  Barry Bohemian: me too!
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: what do u mean better balance?
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: more of something?
[5:27]  kristoff Adder: well, the focus became the drama part.
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: the huds didnt work, nor jon stuff.
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: Yeah!
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: I think so too
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: music was just fillin in.
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: it became very separate
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: im ok with that, but i dont think that was the focus of the project.
[5:28]  SARC Serpente: music tends to fill that role often.. which is a shame…
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: we should have made it a full blown musical
[5:28]  Barry Bohemian: .. next time…
[5:28]  SARC Serpente: I think that also has to do with the way dramaturgs/theatre people work
[5:29]  SilverHaze Levee: SL musical?! that would be funny for sure!!
[5:29]  Barry Bohemian: sign me up!
[5:29]  SARC Serpente: i.e. the predominance of the visual culture…
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, yes.
[5:29]  SilverHaze Levee: i think chris tried to something toghether the way he knew best
[5:29]  SARC Serpente: i guess chris knew he had to make a piece, and make something work in a short amount of time
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, but in the end it was a really good experience, and chris really put something together.
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: and sound was his friend to go along!!
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: but it my opinion it work pretty well!
[5:30]  SARC Serpente: it is always hard to bring people from different disciplines together, and on top we had 1st year and MA students… a very big gap there as well
[5:31]  DjChongy Criss: true
[5:31]  SARC Serpente: but i was impressed how the drama students and the MAs ended up working “together”
[5:31]  DjChongy Criss: is there any reason we asked only 1st year drama students?
[5:31]  Barry Bohemian: cause we’re the best
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:31]  DjChongy Criss: hehe, other than that of course
[5:31]  SilverHaze Levee: ehehe!!
[5:31]  SARC Serpente: just the way the module convenor offered me his students
[5:32]  SARC Serpente: it was open to anybody…
[5:32]  Ihav Threebeards: phew, don’t worry guys. i’m back.
[5:32]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol!! did you read that barry! you guys were on the market… and were cheap!!
[5:32]  Barry Bohemian: oh good, i was stressing
[5:32]  SARC Serpente: but we had to work with the students that could and wanted to make it work as part of their studies
[5:32]  kristoff Adder: actually i dont see any problem working with 1st years students.
[5:32]  SilverHaze Levee: me either!!
[5:32]  Barry Bohemian: me either
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: no. not a problem.. it can be sometimes … expectations differ widely
[5:33]  Ihav Threebeards: serg you loved it!
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: in the end, its how things work out, and how people focus.
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: so, are you all working on documenting the entire thing?
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: yep, we are.
[5:33]  DjChongy Criss: no, there’s no problem, but the ‘gap’ between an MA student and a 1st student differ in terms of aims objectives and expectations
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: and chris weeded out the bad ones… the only way to make this work
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: offcourse.
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: but its a part of a collective work.
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: what the f… is that?
[5:33]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: to get it harmonized.
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: the expectations.
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: and maybe that wasnt very clear for all of us.
[5:34]  kristoff Adder: but its a reflection that we can make.
[5:35]  kristoff Adder: ok, robot time.
[5:35]  DjChongy Criss: so perhaps the next thing to discuss..
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: ihav… where did you find that costume?
[5:35]  DjChongy Criss: is how did the MA Sarc students feel that working in ‘theatre’ has benefitted them
[5:35]  Ihav Threebeards: some freebie place
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: good question
[5:35]  DjChongy Criss: in terms of experience with live ‘electronics’ style work
[5:35]  Ihav Threebeards: twas great craic, any new experience is good exp
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: well, i have had some experience with performance art and dance before hand.
[5:36]  Revolver whispers: Press ‘M’ to enter mouslook and the mouse button to fire
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: don'[t fire that gun!!
[5:36]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah i done things like that before
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: i guess, its always about the balance between composer/sound designer.
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: can u actually kill people in SL?
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: and the drama guy.
[5:36]  Barry Bohemian: lets find out
[5:36]  Ihav Threebeards: i’m not sure
[5:36]  kristoff Adder: i think the greatest thing was actually thinking about sl life.
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: and mixed media strategies.
[5:37]  SilverHaze Levee: but working with someone like chris was for me the biggest thing in this project!!
[5:37]  DjChongy Criss: ok then, kristoff and and silverhaze, how did it compare to work you’ve done before?
[5:37]  SilverHaze Levee: (theatre speaking)!
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: well, i cant compare, in many ways.
[5:37]  SilverHaze Levee: this put me on a lot of pressure for 3 days
[5:38]  SilverHaze Levee: the works i done previously i had more time to do things
[5:38]  kristoff Adder: the relationship btw sound and drama were more shallow…but the nature of the project was different.
[5:38]  kristoff Adder: and it was three days.
[5:39]  kristoff Adder: again, the mixed reality strategies have great potential.
[5:39]  DjChongy Criss: for another project like this, do you feel more time would have helped?
[5:39]  Barry Bohemian: yes
[5:39]  SilverHaze Levee: although i done some kind of improv with dance that worked more or less the same way our SL experience did
[5:39]  kristoff Adder: certainly
[5:39]  Ihav Threebeards: neigh
[5:39]  SARC Serpente: i can’t believe that ZEBRA
[5:39]  Barry Bohemian: LOL
[5:40]  SilverHaze Levee: but during the performance we had more freedom to do things
[5:41]  SARC Serpente: anybody can make a great show if they have LOADS of time
[5:41]  DjChongy Criss: i am interested in this
[5:41]  DjChongy Criss: how much was scripted, and how much was improvised
[5:41]  DjChongy Criss: in terms of sound/music/dialogue
[5:41]  kristoff Adder: i guess, its not the time.
[5:41]  SilverHaze Levee: there was not a straight line
[5:41]  SARC Serpente: the point of this was to come up with something in a short amount of time.. of course.. a lot of pressure on few people!!
[5:41]  Ihav Threebeards: it was extrememly stressful that way, three days to do the whole thing
[5:41]  kristoff Adder: its the dialogue btw the different people.
[5:41]  Ihav Threebeards: i thought we’d have 20 mins of material back to back
[5:41]  Ihav Threebeards: it was more like 40
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: and pressure is good too! i guess
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: i agree it was very ambitious for this short amount of time
[5:42]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: why didn’t we had at least a week?!
[5:42]  DjChongy Criss: as an idea, i would have liked to try making less fully formed ideas
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: and spent more time working on..blagging techniques
[5:43]  Barry Bohemian: what do you mean?
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: like, if someone stops talking, then we fill in some music
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: if an avatar disappears off screen by accident, or to swap accounts
[5:43]  DjChongy Criss: then we make up a new story
[5:43]  Barry Bohemian: ooh! i see
[5:43]  SARC Serpente: well, for a start we couldn’t afford to pay professionals for a week!! simple as that
[5:43]  Barry Bohemian: gosh that would have been exciting
[5:44]  kristoff Adder: thats interesting.
[5:44]  DjChongy Criss: maybe using the SL-building tools to build things on the fly
[5:44]  SilverHaze Levee: price is always a question!!
[5:44]  Barry Bohemian: cuuuuute!
[5:44]  DjChongy Criss: like this
[5:44]  SARC Serpente: i like the idea of building on the fly… but does it work with composition?
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: composition is not that immediate!!!! think about it..
[5:45]  SilverHaze Levee: that would be even more different performance
[5:45]  Ihav Threebeards: Hey!
[5:45]  SilverHaze Levee: i don’t think so
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: the MAs had precomposed a lot of material which I imagine took a long time???
[5:45]  SilverHaze Levee: or maybe i just don’t see how
[5:45]  DjChongy Criss: true, the performance struck me musically as more composed than improvised
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: it was
[5:46]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah!!
[5:46]  kristoff Adder: yeah, but we can some kind of visual feedback to inform sound, things being in dialogue, voice itself as a layer of sound.
[5:46]  SARC Serpente: how can you improvise a composition on the spot?
[5:46]  Ihav Threebeards: the huds and lasers would’ve been the real improvisation point
[5:46]  Ihav Threebeards: the live improv was good too tho
[5:47]  SARC Serpente: but the HUDs need preparation, right?
[5:47]  DjChongy Criss: @kristoff feedback is a good tool
[5:47]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, im the least informed person to talk about this.
[5:48]  SARC Serpente: about what?
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: but maybe its good not to have this weight of composition…all the time.
[5:48]  SARC Serpente: you worked on the HUDS and other stuff well before the 3 days
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: sound has a scenario
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: has a soundscape.
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: buidling somehow in relationship with SL life.
[5:48]  kristoff Adder: visually, or other type of mixed reality strategies.
[5:49]  SARC Serpente: I see.. in real time in secondlife… but can you hear? It’s reall quiet in here!!
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: and we are working on a pallete of existing sounds.
[5:49]  SARC Serpente: I can onyl hear the buzz of my laptop
[5:49]  Barry Bohemian: same
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: being the huds.
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: jons piece.
[5:49]  kristoff Adder: or real live.
[5:50]  kristoff Adder: we know hear the buzz of the computer or the wind.
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: i tried to get out of that by driving a max patch which in turn could use any sounds i had locally
[5:50]  kristoff Adder: but we can certainly built a top of that.
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: or generate/process it’s own sounds
[5:50]  SARC Serpente: all on the spot? Max in real-time?
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: this could replace the SL sounds or be streamed back in
[5:50]  Ihav Threebeards: yep in real time
[5:50]  DjChongy Criss: yes that sounds feasible
[5:51]  SARC Serpente: I missed the inherent SL sounds in the show.
[5:51]  Ihav Threebeards: CPU usage was at 70% running both SL and the patch on the same machine haha
[5:51]  SARC Serpente: I thought we would use much more of the inherent sonic properties
[5:51]  kristoff Adder: @ Franziska, me too 🙂
[5:51]  SARC Serpente: like at the end with the TP sound
[5:51]  SilverHaze Levee: i had the patch prepare to do so
[5:51]  kristoff Adder: we even made a patch, of SL life sounds.
[5:52]  SilverHaze Levee: but since it was improv and the times we had talked before
[5:52]  SARC Serpente: why did we not use it? not time?
[5:52]  kristoff Adder: it never came up.
[5:52]  SilverHaze Levee: when it came to the time i didn’t felt like using them
[5:52]  SARC Serpente: sounds like we actually have a nother SL piece lined up… with SL sounds to be triggered in real time
[5:52]  DjChongy Criss: that’s good improv hehe
[5:52]  SilverHaze Levee: i prefered, and sounded much better, manuela’s acordion
[5:52]  kristoff Adder: yeah, we should do it.
[5:52]  SARC Serpente: we just need some Drama improvisors…
[5:53]  SilverHaze Levee: chris had ask me to use sound when you play with manuela
[5:53]  SARC Serpente: could it work as a sound and SL visual piece?
[5:53]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:53]  kristoff Adder: we could think of some strategies.
[5:53]  SilverHaze Levee: but when it happen if i had anyhting i think it would ruined that moment
[5:53]  kristoff Adder: all of the sounds are connected to sl life actions.
[5:53]  SARC Serpente: @chongy: we are possibly doing a SL project with a real life performer in september… maybe we should use some of this stuff as well?
[5:53]  Ihav Threebeards: do we get some time to regrow the hair we lost from last friday first? 🙂
[5:54]  DjChongy Criss: HAHAHA
[5:54]  DjChongy Criss: i just had mine re-dyed
[5:54]  Barry Bohemian: love it
[5:54]  SARC Serpente: what about this?
[5:54]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[5:54]  SARC Serpente: i just changed mine
[5:55]  Ihav Threebeards: my horns are starting to show
[5:55]  DjChongy Criss: ok so one more thing i can think to discuss
[5:55]  kristoff Adder: shoot
[5:55]  DjChongy Criss: how much input did we all feel we had/needed
[5:55]  SilverHaze Levee: explain it better?!
[5:55]  SARC Serpente: yes, last question. my RL is calling
[5:55]  DjChongy Criss: for example, i felt the drama students had ideas but weren’t sure if they were allowed to suggest things
[5:56]  Barry Bohemian: As an actor I think I had zero input, until the actual show
[5:56]  Barry Bohemian: thats true
[5:56]  SARC Serpente: hmm.. did you have ideas that you wanted to propose but were too scared to?
[5:56]  Barry Bohemian: It didn’t seem like our place to put ideas forward
[5:56]  DjChongy Criss: that’s what i noticed
[5:56]  Ihav Threebeards: my input would’ve been a lot more had we not had a crisis before but generally i was involved in every part, from building to planning sound etc
[5:56]  SilverHaze Levee: well the ideas he had in the begging for this project
[5:57]  SilverHaze Levee: i think they were all left behing
[5:57]  SilverHaze Levee: behind!
[5:57]  SARC Serpente: who they? the drama students?
[5:57]  DjChongy Criss: well, we had the dream sequences
[5:57]  SilverHaze Levee: or transformed in something else.
[5:57]  kristoff Adder: but during the process, chris was very open to us, at least the ma students.
[5:57]  SARC Serpente: that was possibly unavoidable, seeing that the Drama students really only came onboard the last few days
[5:57]  DjChongy Criss: and that came into the drama, but perhaps it was too separate from the SL/RL interaction
[5:58]  Ihav Threebeards: yeah i think chris was very reasonable but in the end there just wasn’t the time to take big ideas
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: its natural, that some of the ideas, didnt go through.
[5:58]  Ihav Threebeards: he probably had to stick to his own agenda, and we were cutting it fine
[5:58]  SARC Serpente: true… we had to make basic things work and shame about the internet problems
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: Chris had to put something together.
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: shame about the internet probles.
[5:58]  Ihav Threebeards: chris is a consumate professional, he knew exactly what was going on
[5:58]  SARC Serpente: what about Pauline’s input? anybody want to say somehthing?
[5:58]  kristoff Adder: problems
[5:59]  Barry Bohemian: I never really interacted with Pauline
[5:59]  SilverHaze Levee: i think was also on chris will
[6:00]  SilverHaze Levee: she was one more like us in that performance!
[6:00]  Ihav Threebeards: i was upset that I didn’t get to work with her on my piece but generally i think she was very much on our level
[6:00]  kristoff Adder: i think she was a bit on the side, i guess it had to do with all the dynamic of putting this together.
[6:00]  kristoff Adder: and actually i would love to had worked more with her.
[6:01]  DjChongy Criss: i think what happened, is that pauline was thinking more about sound
[6:01]  SilverHaze Levee: i think for me as a composition person in this process
[6:01]  DjChongy Criss: and since there were already 4 people – the MA students coming up with new and crazy sound ideas lal the time
[6:01]  SilverHaze Levee: working more with pauline would been nice
[6:01]  DjChongy Criss: she enjoyed allowing us the freedom to just take our ideas wherever they went
[6:01]  SARC Serpente: yes, and again that shows the domineering factor of the visuals in general!!!
[6:02]  SilverHaze Levee: but again, it comes to put something toghether in 3 days so the acting part prevail!!
[6:02]  SARC Serpente: music can be so subordinate
[6:02]  Barry Bohemian: ….should have been a musical…
[6:02]  DjChongy Criss: haha!
[6:02]  WhiteBoard (n): Now showing Image 2/9 – 2. Slideshow Controls
[6:02]  kristoff Adder: i know, but i cant believe that pauline couldnt balanc that factor. i lacked someone from sound, talking with chris, and articulating this.
[6:03]  SARC Serpente: balance in what way? speak out more?
[6:03]  kristoff Adder: but again, maybe ure right chris. yep, speak out more.
[6:03]  kristoff Adder: but maybe she just decided to give us room.
[6:03]  Ihav Threebeards: that can be the way though, in collectives where time is pushed. the loudest or most enthusiastic gets their way
[6:04]  kristoff Adder: but u could give room and still give advice.
[6:04]  Ihav Threebeards: and when it comes to this, the drama people would always be the more animated!
[6:04]  Barry Bohemian: hey, its a gift
[6:04]  Ihav Threebeards: but pauline is quite, considerate, speaks little but articulates what she says
[6:04]  SARC Serpente: i have taken some snaps from our discussion here… can somebody mail me the first 20mins of the chat? I need to go but have the rest of the chat logged!!!
[6:04]  DjChongy Criss: indeed, i think if i were doing something like this again, i’d like to focus on using music in a…flexible way
[6:04]  DjChongy Criss: to react and adapt to what the actors are doing
[6:04]  DjChongy Criss: until the performance becomes more like a dialogue
[6:04]  kristoff Adder: me too chriss
[6:05]  DjChongy Criss: between actors/musicians, sl and rl
[6:05]  kristoff Adder: the focus is on dialogue.
[6:05]  SilverHaze Levee: true!!
[6:05]  SilverHaze Levee: i agree
[6:05]  SARC Serpente: DIALOGUE… will you guys keep chatting?
[6:05]  SARC Serpente: I am TP back into RL!!!
[6:05]  DjChongy Criss: lol
[6:05]  SARC Serpente: Ciao. thanks for coming. talk soon!!
[6:06]  Barry Bohemian: byeee
[6:06]  DjChongy Criss: cheers, speak soon!
[6:06]  Ihav Threebeards: cheerio!
[6:06]  SARC Serpente is Offline
[6:06]  SilverHaze Levee: bye!!
[6:06]  kristoff Adder: bye!!!
[6:06]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaha
[6:06]  DjChongy Criss: ok so maybe we should wrap things up here
[6:06]  kristoff Adder: yep
[6:06]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[6:06]  Ihav Threebeards: yeah
[6:06]  DjChongy Criss: think we’ve got a lot of useful material here
[6:06]  Barry Bohemian: my tea got cold.. 😦
[6:07]  DjChongy Criss: hahah
[6:07]  Ihav Threebeards: i need some Rockstar, Ruby is calling
[6:07]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[6:07]  SilverHaze Levee: if we had gave pauline more the possibilty to do sutff
[6:07]  DjChongy Criss: yes
[6:07]  Barry Bohemian: Sorry I wasn’t more useful, this ain’t my field
[6:07]  SilverHaze Levee: ththings were different
[6:07]  DjChongy Criss: haha, no you’ve been really valuable for your opinions
[6:07]  kristoff Adder: barry you were great 🙂
[6:07]  SilverHaze Levee: and that is it!!
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: yes, i think the general thing
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: that i’ve experienced, is that musicians need dedicated time
[6:08]  Ihav Threebeards: barry
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: on their own
[6:08]  Ihav Threebeards: ur right there chris
[6:08]  kristoff Adder: yep
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: to prepare improvisation strategies
[6:08]  DjChongy Criss: (this can include writing code or just thinking up how to react to things)
[6:09]  SilverHaze Levee: maybe next time we can do music and fill in with drama!!
[6:09]  DjChongy Criss: and i think we could have asked pauline to help us more in this area
[6:09]  kristoff Adder: i think actually this should happen in the same process as drama.
[6:09]  DjChongy Criss: Haha , interesting idea!
[6:09]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah why not!?
[6:09]  kristoff Adder: 🙂
[6:09]  DjChongy Criss: indeed kristoff, time focusing on how we are going to react to each other would make our time ‘together’ more productive
[6:10]  SilverHaze Levee: we had really good ideas when we started
[6:10]  kristoff Adder: and build a true dialogue. but we were also green in SL. ( at least me)
[6:10]  SilverHaze Levee: drama were supose to take audience to the next level of improv
[6:10]  kristoff Adder: and being SL the main thing.
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: it all flow to what could be done.
[6:11]  SilverHaze Levee: so in between music drama had still lots of space to work on!!
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: lets also be honest about it.
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: but it wasnt music/drama trad.
[6:11]  kristoff Adder: it had second life, mixed reality
[6:11]  DjChongy Criss: ok, so any final comments before we declare this meeting complete?
[6:12]  DjChongy Criss: i’m going to go dye my hair white in real life
[6:12]  Barry Bohemian: you owe me a cup of tea
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee: easy barry!
[6:12]  DjChongy Criss: lol
[6:12]  Barry Bohemian: ahahaa
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee: don’t get upset
[6:12]  Ihav Threebeards: barry
[6:12]  DjChongy Criss: barry i’ll buy you a drink
[6:12]  kristoff Adder: no, great talking to u guys.
[6:12]  Ihav Threebeards: any chance of cheap drinks in the bot?
[6:12]  Barry Bohemian accepted your inventory offer.
[6:12]  SilverHaze Levee accepted your inventory offer.
[6:13]  Ihav Threebeards accepted your inventory offer.
[6:13]  Ihav Threebeards: haha touche
[6:13]  Barry Bohemian: opps
[6:13]  kristoff Adder accepted your inventory offer.
[6:13]  Barry Bohemian: i have a wine glass through my arm…
[6:13]  kristoff Adder: cheerio
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: my avatar has a problem with drinking
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: he can’t hold a glass straitgh
[6:14]  DjChongy Criss: haha
[6:14]  Ihav Threebeards: me too
[6:14]  DjChongy Criss: ok i’m gong to TP to RL
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: chris
[6:14]  Ihav Threebeards: me too
[6:14]  DjChongy Criss: good to see you guys again, even if only virtually
[6:14]  SilverHaze Levee: about the remix
[6:14]  Barry Bohemian: me too
[6:14]  Ihav Threebeards: anyone wanna log the chat?

Epic Poem

So Drama Kids and Tech Geeks were forced to co-exist,
Who’d known that when we parted ways it’d be so sorely missed?
The first day we embraced the task, and liked it – bar a few,
The second day the noobs got purged and art could finally brew,
The third day, when completion dawned, the Wi-Fi went kaput,
But Techies dived to save the day and improv was a hoot.

Chris, it was a pleasure, you worked that trilby hat,
I read The Improvisation Game – brownie points for that?
Pauline, you’re a Goddess, the Queen of meditation,
You made our absent ‘dream state’ an active destination,
Chris, I’ll miss your avatar and the zombie-pig debate,
Go see Charlie Brown*- before voodoo swine procreate!

Rui, I’ll miss that rant from the time we ate lunch as a group,
Thanks for educating me on Cream of Tomato soup,
John, it’s safe to say, you swear more than you can take breath,
Threebeards is way too slick, even though he caused Granny’s death,
Sergio, when I shiver, you strike fear within my heart,
I get traumatic flashbacks, like – stamp, stamp, stamp “GETSMART!”

Franziska, when you played the sax my jaw fell on the floor,
I’ll miss all your excitement for the virtual bag you wore,
Pedro, you’re so stealthy, I saw Serpente more than you,
I guess you love ol’ Second Life more than we all knew,
Shireen, my good friendo, “10 dolla!” for the cookie,
I still have seven fingers, ‘cause I’m a skater rookie.

Rosie, I’ll miss our improv, my status is… “AWAY!”,
Please make sure to call when you hit Zanzibar someday,
Barry will miss the spotlight, even though we dissed his boots,
Maybe I’ll keep logging – we can all stay in cahoots,
So no one now will understand when claps are cut off short,
Thank-you all for this mad act and technical support!

*the musical!



This is to confirm I have no problem uploading. Here’s Pauline’s proposal for Friday which sounds great, and there seems enough here to be going on with. It’s along the lines I was thinking of, so will be happy to follow her lead.


Here is something for the students to consider for Friday:
> Please have prepared discrete actions, (gestures), sounds and/or
> text (words/short phrases) that can be done in SL and also in RL.
> We will do an improvisation in SL with this material using
> anticipation, synchronization and delayed responses.
> We can do a brief warm up using SL avatar moves. walking, jumping,
> flying, bowing etc.
> A way to trigger sounds will be needed. If sounds are uploaded to
> the inventory then they can be triggered from there.
> I will demonstrate a HUD that is used for my piece Heart of Tones
> and if possible I will give everyone a HUD and Receiver so that we
> can try a particular section of HoT that will be fun to do together
> and instructive.
> So I will arrive in SL bleary eyed in RL at 6am EST.
> PO aka Free Noyes

Chat Log


Group PhotoMay, 1st 2009:
Meeting in-world with Elaborate Afterthought and us

[5:00]  Elaborate Afterthought is Online
[5:00]  SARC Serpente: can you all go as high as possible?
[5:01]  SARC Serpente: Hi Chris
[5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: isto ta a morrer
[5:01]  Peanut Bhalti: greetings!
[5:01]  SilverHaze Levee: ja teve ai a maior festa
[5:01]  Herachio Hindrabar: id kill for a pint
[5:01]  Olav Greggan: o q ja aconteceu?!
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: com o pessoal aos saltos!!
[5:02]  Olav Greggan: estive a almoçar…
[5:02]  DjChongy Criss: And hopefully the QUB have given you my email address if you want to discuss exciting SL geek stuff
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: Herachio lead the way
[5:02]  Ihav Threebeards: maidin maith agat
[5:02]  Elaborate Afterthought: have just got here…..some confusion over times
[5:02]  Rosie Bloobury: you know i dont speak spansh…in english please
[5:02]  Herachio Hindrabar: hmmm bot or egg, choices choices
[5:02]  SARC Serpente: Welcome Elaborate
[5:02]  Samishortstuff Badger: its rude to talk in another language when we cant understand it 😛
[5:02]  Rosie Bloobury: thankyou! you’re welcome!!
[5:02]  Kaz Coleslaw: ferme la bouche
[5:02]  Conor Digfoot: bot
[5:02]  kristoff Adder: welcome elaborate
[5:02]  SilverHaze Levee: easy!!
[5:02]  Conor Digfoot: ????
[5:02]  Samishortstuff Badger: bot
[5:02]  Peanut Bhalti: welcome to our world of wonder, huzzah!
[5:03]  Conor Digfoot: yea
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: i need to run now franziska
[5:03]  Rosie Bloobury: thats ok
[5:03]  Conor Digfoot: any1 up fpr a drink???
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: or pedro, whoever’s in that beautiful dress there
[5:03]  SilverHaze Levee: they have lunch at this time?!
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: We tried to a couple of joint actions such as common gestures
[5:03]  Elaborate Afterthought: hi and bye then mr chris
[5:03]  Rosie Bloobury: hells yeaaaa
[5:03]  Samishortstuff Badger: yes im up for 2
[5:03]  Kaz Coleslaw: wats closer the age old q wat came first the bot or the egg
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: Bye chris see you next week
[5:03]  Rosie Bloobury: why not go to both
[5:03]  SilverHaze Levee: isto ‘e uma ganda fritura!!!
[5:03]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[5:03]  Herachio Hindrabar: im workin in the bot tonight tho
[5:03]  Olav Greggan: podes crer!
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: it was short but nice
[5:03]  DjChongy Criss: speak soon
[5:03]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah I was just thinking about gestures and acting in unison – how’d it work out?
[5:03]  SARC Serpente: Elaborate do you want to address the group?
[5:03]  Conor Digfoot: get drunk
[5:04]  Kaz Coleslaw: je ne comprend pas
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: tenho q parar de falar
[5:04]  Kaz Coleslaw: yea baby
[5:04]  Herachio Hindrabar: i may do
[5:04]  Connected
[5:04]  SARC Serpente: Jon, can you give the gesture to Elaborate
[5:04]  SilverHaze Levee: alguem vai dar discurso!!!
[5:04]  Olav Greggan: ok
[5:04]  Olav Greggan: vamos ver
[5:04]  Ihav Threebeards: sure
[5:04]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah I’m happy to write some stuff and say hello
[5:05]  SARC Serpente: Let’s all sit down

[5:05]  Olav Greggan: se calhar vou bazar
[5:05]  SilverHaze Levee: lolol

[5:06]  Elaborate Afterthought: Hi there y’all, I’m Chris in the other life, going to be working on 2 Crowds. Just going to say some stuff about improvisations
[5:06]  Conor Digfoot: were we 4
[5:06]  Kaz Coleslaw: thanx for the correction
[5:06]  Conor Digfoot: np
[5:06]  Kaz Coleslaw: newer baby
[5:07]  McJohn Werefox shouts: i dont know
[5:07]  SARC Serpente: Do you want to use voice? Elaborate?
[5:07]  Conor Digfoot: ya
[5:07]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’ve been reflecting recently on how controlled and possibly repressed my family background was and how that might have contributed to an interest in improvisation
[5:08]  Elaborate Afterthought: What I enjoy exploring is the spontaneity of it and the (lack of ) authoritarian power structures. It seems that performance can help us to understand more about ourselves because we can break social rules there.
[5:09]  Elaborate Afterthought: As I said in email, I don’t have a voice yet..
[5:09]  SARC Serpente: how do you think improv conditions can be created in SL?

[5:11]  Elaborate Afterthought: In SL there seems to be operating a different set of relationships. Some similarities, some differences. In many – oops a question coming in.. Re improv conditions, it seems to be a different set of restrictions. These are pretty important int improvisation of any kind. There’s not the same spontaneity. SL seems like an old-fashioned masque where appearance and the hiding of self is very much the modus operandi. Whereas theatre works on tearing away the masks..
[5:11]  SARC Serpente: Like the mask idea
[5:11]  Elaborate Afterthought: Would ayone like to agree or contradict?
[5:12]  Kaz Coleslaw: I wud agree
[5:12]  Conor Digfoot: contridict
[5:12]  Herachio Hindrabar: agree and disagree
[5:12]  Kaz Coleslaw: or maybe contradict
[5:12]  Elaborate Afterthought: That’s good – we have a debate already!
[5:12]  Conor Digfoot: yea we do
[5:13]  Herachio Hindrabar: im right and will fight anyone who says im not lol
[5:13]  Conor Digfoot: i love debating
[5:13]  Conor Digfoot: noway ur nat rite
[5:13]  Herachio Hindrabar: pistols at dawn
[5:13]  SARC Serpente: Interesting how through avatars there is less responsibility for what one says
[5:13]  Conor Digfoot: bring it
[5:13]  Kaz Coleslaw: I think that sum types of theatre wud try 2 create illusions as well though
[5:13]  Herachio Hindrabar: it has been brought my friend
[5:13]  Peanut Bhalti: despite the fact that we’re all in the same room1
[5:13]  Peanut Bhalti: !
[5:14]  Ihav Threebeards: this is a pretty good example of what chris was saying!
[5:14]  Elaborate Afterthought: Another issue concerns emotion and empathy – very important for theatre. How can this function in SL? Not in the same way at all, I suspect. We can’t watch someone be changed by their emotions in the same way

[5:14]  SARC Serpente: Elaborate, do you want to suggest a joint action ?
[5:14]  Rosie Bloobury: i agree
[5:14]  Herachio Hindrabar: not real
[5:14]  Conor Digfoot: who actually is heracio hindrabar
[5:14]  Kaz Coleslaw: well the emotions seem to be uite shallow in this
[5:14]  Herachio Hindrabar: u will never know
[5:14]  Conor Digfoot: cuz conor is cuming da dig ya
[5:14]  Elaborate Afterthought: Maybe just travelling around the space to another part of the island would be good
[5:15]  Kaz Coleslaw: so it can never have the same emotive affect that theatre has
[5:15]  SARC Serpente: OK, we’ll follow you
[5:15]  Rosie Bloobury: mmmm

[5:15]  Elaborate Afterthought: I think I agre with KAz there.
[5:15]  Peanut Bhalti: well to an extent SL emulates most of the major emotions ie. happiness, sadness, surprise etc
[5:15]  Rosie Bloobury: mmhmm
[5:15]  Herachio Hindrabar: u can engage ur audience on a visual but nt emotional level
[5:15]  Conor Digfoot: OR ANGER PERHAPS
[5:15]  kristoff Adder: yeah, i quite like this idea of travelling, as performative tool. a path.
[5:15]  Kaz Coleslaw: exactly
[5:16]  Samishortstuff Badger: hes behind you
[5:16]  Conor Digfoot: dido we agree
[5:16]  Ihav Threebeards: you can still vocalise emotions via the voice chat, perhaps this places an emphasis on the voice to portray emotion
[5:16]  Conor Digfoot: we dont we contirdict
[5:16]  Herachio Hindrabar: touche
[5:16]  Peanut Bhalti: following the leader
[5:17]  SARC Serpente: we’re all behind you, Elaborate
[5:17]  Samishortstuff Badger: get up lazy!!!!!!!!!!!]
[5:17]  Herachio Hindrabar: refrshment stop?
[5:17]  Conor Digfoot: dnt b following nicola
[5:17]  Peanut Bhalti: to the outside world!
[5:18]  Kart 1.0: You aren’t the owner
[5:18]  Oeffentliches Radio: Tuning in…
[5:18]  Oeffentliches Radio: 80s,80s,80s,…
[5:18]  Oeffentliches Radio: Beruehre mich, um per Zufall andere Musik auszuwaehlen
[5:18]  Elaborate Afterthought: not sure, don’t know this place

[5:20]  Elaborate Afterthought: Seems to be a place of radios… where’s Free Noyse, does anyone know?
[5:20]  Connecting to in-world Voice Chat…
[5:21]  SilverHaze Levee: lol
[5:21]  SARC Serpente: Free Noize has not arraived
[5:21]  SARC Serpente: what about the typos… an interesting starting point for a piece?
[5:21]  Ihav Threebeards: Hey!
[5:21]  Elaborate Afterthought: Ok. I have some questions I’d like to ask members of the group
[5:21]  Herachio Hindrabar: tasty tunes
[5:21]  Conor Digfoot: .
[5:21]  SARC Serpente: ask what?
[5:21]  Peanut Bhalti: fire away!
[5:21]  Kaz Coleslaw: shoot
[5:21]  Samishortstuff Badger: shoot
[5:22]  Ihav Threebeards: /clap
[5:22]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’ll wrie several together and you can answer which you like
[5:22]  Kaz Coleslaw: ok
[5:22]  SARC Serpente: ok
[5:22]  Rosie Bloobury: lol
[5:22]  kristoff Adder: ok
[5:22]  Elaborate Afterthought: What interests you about SL as somewhere that has scope for creative expresssion?
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: the jagged nature of everything…
[5:23]  Elaborate Afterthought: How do you feel about meeting strangers here? Is that a real meeting would you say?
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: big social implications
[5:23]  Elaborate Afterthought: What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen or done in SL so far?
[5:23]  Kaz Coleslaw: well you can do things in it that youy wouldn’t want to r be able to in real life
[5:23]  Rosie Bloobury: it gives an actor to explore things that cant be done on stage
[5:23]  Herachio Hindrabar: it isnt a real meeting it seems to be like s more visual form of msn or bebo
[5:23]  kristoff Adder: i think we can differentlly explore the creation of space or in building.
[5:23]  Kaz Coleslaw: you’re more liberated
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: i’d liked to juxtapose ideas of RL/SL ‘meeting’
[5:23]  Rosie Bloobury: flying and falling with style
[5:23]  SARC Serpente: as you said, how do we meet?
[5:23]  Peanut Bhalti: I think the fact that there arefew restrictions especially in a virtual world is interesting
[5:24]  kristoff Adder: i think we can work with the restrictions.
[5:24]  SARC Serpente: especially falling..
[5:24]  Ihav Threebeards: i think we need to use the ‘freedom’ of SL juxtaposed with the ability to portray emotion in RL
[5:24]  Herachio Hindrabar: we meet through socila interactions and hcan have a more intimate and expressive relationship with someone
[5:24]  Kaz Coleslaw: I like that idea
[5:24]  SARC Serpente: it would be great to highlight those ideas that are specific to SL (flying, not eating…)
[5:25]  Rosie Bloobury: like creating a specific image?
[5:25]  Herachio Hindrabar: we need a bit of lionel ritchie
[5:25]  SARC Serpente: i don’t always like meeting people in SL… it’s a bit scary at times…
[5:25]  Rosie Bloobury: could that show possible insecurities of an actor?
[5:26]  Elaborate Afterthought: This is a great dialogue,, I’m really liking the answers. The point about intimacy is fascintating, also the notion of feeling more ‘free’. Personally I feel a little shy when I don’t know what people really look like. That’s a major restricition but I can understand how it can be liberating
[5:26]  kristoff Adder: and we could with a specific set of movements regarding an object.
[5:26]  Kaz Coleslaw: totally
[5:26]  SARC Serpente: i agree with you elaborate, feeling shy and not knowing how you are engagin with
[5:26]  Rosie Bloobury: yup
[5:26]  SilverHaze Levee: you never know people in SL!! in a way people in SL are always performing!
[5:26]  Herachio Hindrabar: alot of the people you meet on sl you will never meet ie never go out/ have a pint with become real friends
[5:26]  Rosie Bloobury: bad times
[5:26]  SARC Serpente: the only good thing is that you can always TP away.. or set yourself as “away”
[5:26]  kristoff Adder: we could use this idea of meeting someone.
[5:26]  Kaz Coleslaw: yeah exactly it’s always goibng to be quite shallow then
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: I like that, being “away” but still looking in… (sneaky!!!)
[5:27]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’ve heard and seen some quite aggressive posturing in SL – the fact that people dont have to ‘take responsibility’ for themselves as they do in life is a little worryintg..
[5:27]  Herachio Hindrabar: i understand the premise but dont know how some people could spend hours on this talking to speech boxes instead of real friends/family
[5:27]  Samishortstuff Badger: the whole thing about seconmd life is performance, people act their way through second life. it gives them the ability to bring out parts of a personality they wouldn’t necessarily show in real life
[5:27]  SARC Serpente: we’ve been discussing the idea of “transfer” between SL and RL for the performance and use the idea of RL Avatars for example
[5:28]  Peanut Bhalti: yeah, I think there needs to be a line between SL and RL
[5:28]  Herachio Hindrabar: even tom jones would be nice
[5:28]  kristoff Adder: this idea of transfer between sl and rl, even for the music performance.
[5:28]  SARC Serpente: How do you think the link can be made?
[5:28]  SilverHaze Levee: yeah!
[5:28]  Peanut Bhalti: the attachment people develope with virtual worlds is both fascinating and scary
[5:28]  Elaborate Afterthought: There are many ideas floating around for the performance and many sound great. key question is who or what triggers things and who or what ressponds
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: we have been thinking about obviously sound, and some visual cues in second life, tor inform the performance.
[5:29]  Kaz Coleslaw: could you emphasize the differences between sl and rl and the similarities?
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: me and jon and sergio
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: have been thinking about the idea of a path.
[5:29]  kristoff Adder: of exploring a building.
[5:29]  Kaz Coleslaw: show that in some ways you are more free and in some ways more restricted
[5:29]  Elaborate Afterthought: Visual and sound cues in SL with RL actors responding sounds good to me, I can see that working
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: not just the actors the musicians too!
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: offcourse
[5:30]  SilverHaze Levee: respond to sound from SL
[5:30]  Peanut Bhalti: yes, it could also work the opposite way
[5:30]  Herachio Hindrabar: im up for any idea, initially i did not see the significance or how this cold be achieved
[5:30]  SARC Serpente: A key question is what kind of elements/materials work both in SL and RL
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: its between the two worlds.
[5:30]  kristoff Adder: informing each other sonically
[5:30]  SARC Serpente: Does it make sense to have the same “gesture” enacted in SL and RL simultaneously for example?
[5:31]  Ihav Threebeards: we talked about things that could bridge teh SL/RL gap
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: to create this idea of a simultaneous event.
[5:31]  Ihav Threebeards: such as a gesture acted in RL or an object brought between the two worlds
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: maybe there isnt a “network” all the time.
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: there should be different levels of communication during the performance.
[5:31]  kristoff Adder: between the two worlds.
[5:33]  Peanut Bhalti: how does one bring that into effect though?
[5:33]  Elaborate Afterthought: I’m hoping members of the group might write up some of their thoughts for the blog – with eveyrne chatting together it’s a little hard to separate the threads..
[5:33]  Ihav Threebeards: yep
[5:33]  kristoff Adder: sure.
[5:33]  SilverHaze Levee: agree
[5:33]  Ihav Threebeards: i’ll try and get the comments fixed after this too
[5:33]  Peanut Bhalti: righto
[5:33]  Kaz Coleslaw: would probably be better and more contructive
[5:33]  SARC Serpente: we can log the text chat
[5:34]  SARC Serpente: i think there are some nice ideas.. in this chat
[5:34]  Herachio Hindrabar: a simple movement piece could be constructed with the actors performing it in rl and afterwards this could be done in sl and comparissons/ differences could be made
[5:34]  Ihav Threebeards: that’s a good point, if everyone realises we’re logging the chat it might clean it up a bit!
[5:34]  SARC Serpente: it was always going to be a test to see how a meeting in SL would work, esp. before having met in RL
[5:34]  Elaborate Afterthought: That would be useful, I didn’t know you could do that. I also need to take a photo to impress my friends in RL who know nothing of SL
[5:34]  Herachio Hindrabar: an audience could tell us which they preffered and why
[5:34]  Rosie Bloobury: what about voice….a performance of voice in rl contrasted with one in sl
[5:34]  SARC Serpente: we took a group photo of us dancing
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: do u want to go back to our land and take a photo there?
[5:35]  Ihav Threebeards: we looked at creating a dialogue between RL and SL, we could revisit this
[5:35]  Elaborate Afterthought: it’s ok I just did it
[5:35]  SARC Serpente: we DEFINITELT need to explore the dialogue idea
[5:35]  Peanut Bhalti: then we could note the similaritues and differences of perfmoring in RL and then in SL
[5:35]  Rosie Bloobury: yup
[5:35]  SARC Serpente whispers: flue
[5:35]  SilverHaze Levee: i think the dialogue kind gets lost
[5:35]  Elaborate Afterthought: I think that idea of Peanut’s is a good one
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: what do u mean by perfoming in SL? do u mean the dancing?
[5:36]  SilverHaze Levee: if many people are trying to say something. as you try to anwser to someone
[5:36]  SARC Serpente: or just being in SL IS a performance?
[5:36]  SilverHaze Levee: there are already new ideas in discussion!
[5:36]  Elaborate Afterthought: ie mark out the similarilities and also differences – good to share understandings around that kind of stuff before jumping to decisions about what the performance should be
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: i think we can also explore the scale of vision of an avatar in SL to RL. and how this vision informs a RL performance. Simple Movements.
[5:37]  Peanut Bhalti: yeah
[5:37]  Herachio Hindrabar: would we be creating our own landscape for the performance, if so his does not hinder us at all
[5:37]  Ihav Threebeards: the visual aspect of many avatars interacting with an environment to influence the sound performance really becomes a performance in itself
[5:37]  SARC Serpente: vision is interesting – esp in terms of camera views.. what u see and from where
[5:37]  Kaz Coleslaw: yeah the similarities and differences – we would need to know what they actually are before just jumping into the performance sid eof thigns
[5:37]  kristoff Adder: offcourse
[5:37]  Peanut Bhalti: also I think as someone mentioned before the different impacts of RL vs SL on the audience
[5:37]  Elaborate Afterthought: Can I suggest people post ideas for exercises or tasks for next week in advance then when we meet we have a kind of taks list, things to try?
[5:37]  Rosie Bloobury: that was us!:)
[5:38]  Peanut Bhalti: sounds good
[5:38]  kristoff Adder: sure.
[5:38]  Herachio Hindrabar: yea, the impacts could be viewed at the end with maybe open questions
[5:38]  Rosie Bloobury: the impact of a piece on an audience between rl and sl
[5:38]  SARC Serpente: Yes, Elaborate. That’s a good idea. Let’s post on the blog
[5:38]  SARC Serpente: let’s all head back to our land – take a photo and say goodbye!!??
[5:38]  Rosie Bloobury: yea!
[5:38]  Ihav Threebeards: ok
[5:38]  Kaz Coleslaw: yep
[5:38]  Elaborate Afterthought: Sure
[5:38]  Samishortstuff Badger: sweeet
[5:39]  SARC Serpente: i am back atthe land
[5:39]  SARC Serpente: anyone need a TP?
[5:40]  Disconnected from in-world Voice Chat
[5:40]  SilverHaze Levee: the idea of avatars keep falling is great!!
[5:40]  SARC Serpente: who would like to show a good fall?
[5:40]  SARC Serpente: check this one out
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: not so good sorry
[5:42]  SilverHaze Levee: and choose movemnt controls
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: phot time
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: photo that is
[5:42]  SARC Serpente: where is ur hair peanut?
[5:43]  Peanut Bhalti: I got tired of it, so I’m sporting the clean cut look
[5:44]  Herachio Hindrabar: is it just me or does anyone find ealmonn holmes ridiculously attractive?
[5:44]  SilverHaze Levee: lol
[5:44]  SARC Serpente: elaboratre, r u happy ? shall we let u go?
[5:44]  Basic Chair: Right click me and choose ‘Sit Here’ to sit down
[5:44]  SARC Serpente: i took a phot. did u?
[5:44]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah, I’m happy. am well impressed
[5:44]  Elaborate Afterthought: yeah, took pick
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: so we agree to post actions on th eblog for next week
[5:45]  Herachio Hindrabar: what he wold needs now….
[5:45]  SARC Serpente: Everybody happy with this?
[5:45]  Herachio Hindrabar: is love sweet love
[5:45]  Kaz Coleslaw: oui
[5:45]  Peanut Bhalti: yes!
[5:45]  Elaborate Afterthought: See you all next week I hope – and hopefully we’ll have a kind of agenda of stuff to try out…looking forward to it x